12 Characters that We Love from Marvel Universe


The Marvel comics universe is rich in characters for any taste. Even villains are very loveable there! With all these great heroes who is the one you love the most?



Stan Lee (multiple appearances)
As a creator of many popular comic book characters, his cameo appearances in every Marvel film were expected by fans. He even managed to film his cameo in Avengers: Endgame just before his death which makes it bittersweet to watch.


One of the greatest villains that you can’t stop loving. Played by Tom Hiddleston, Loki comes to life as a deep character that has his own reasons to be a bad guy. Loki has way more fangirls than Thor or probably any other superhero (sorry Iron-Man).



Iron Man
One of the most favorite characters for many as he has the charm and wit that others lack. If you know Iron Man is in the MCU film, then it is meant to be great. As Robert Downey Jr. has lifted the character and started a successful streak for Marvel films, he actually must be the best.


God of Thunder has always been great. One of the most powerful characters and a very simple man, Thor is fun to watch.


Is it a tree? Is it a monster? It is Groot! “I am Groot”, enough said. Well, maybe it is better to say: We love Groot, in any form!


Guardians of the Galaxy have introduced many new characters that you just can’t ignore. Like Star-Lord who is funny, witty and at the same time incredibly powerful (he is a half living planet!?). His brilliant plans and problems solving grant Guardians success.



Captain America
A national hero who is very brave. He does what is right and we praise him for that. He was the first Avenger and it managed to save humanity many times.


Spider-Man does what a spider can and it is very cool. A great memorable outfit and a Tarzan like transportation method make Spider-Man stand out from the crowd. Multiple versions of Spider-Man both in film form and cartoons have kept this character going for decades. We hope he keeps going!


Rocket Racoon
The amount of offensive nicknames this racoon was called is getting ridiculous. A sad backstory makes us sympathize with him but he is so funny making his weapon genius a bonus.


He is not the real dad to Star-Lord but he has became his role model and a true friend. A unique weapon, unusual way to solve problems just make you wish you had a dad like that. The scene with his death was one of the most memorable and emotional scenes in Marvel movies.



He is cute when he is both tiny and huge. Planning and at the same time quick decision making are kinda his skills. But of course we love him for who he really is, a great guy next door.


Black Panther
Black Panther is a new addition to MCU who became a worldwide success. The king of Wakanda has the best technology, devoted people and some supernatural abilities. It’s a strong character to add to your favorites.