10 Worst TV Spin-Offs Of All Time

We all have our favourite TV shows and we wish they would go on forever. Sometimes, a spin-off is the best way to see your favorite character more, but very often those series become a disappointment. While there are some great examples, this list is not the case. Let’s see which shows tried their best but still got it all wrong.

Joey. Spin-off from: Friends

Most people probably didn’t even know this show existed. While a group of friends had a great combination of different characters, Joey on his own wasn’t that funny. Sandwiches and pretty women were Joey’s main features and it wasn’t enough for a full show. Halfway through season two, the show was cancelled and the final episodes were not even shown in the US.

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The Carrie Diaries. Spin-off from: Sex and the City

The prequel to Sex and the City showing Carrie’s early years sounds like a great idea. Guess what, Sarah Jessica Parker is not in it. While it is based on the book with the same name, it didn’t have the same feel as the original show and was cancelled after 2 seasons.

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Models Inc. Spin-off from: Melrose Place

 Melrose Place was a huge hit in the 90’s and producers had high expectations for Models Inc. It featured the mother of Amanda Woodward who ran a modeling agency. While this idea sounded great, within the first 5 months it was clear that the show didn’t deliver. Poor acting and bad writing led to show closure one year later.

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Baywatch Nights. Spin-off from: Baywatch

Beach, hot lifeguards and drama sound like a good base for a successful show but Baywatch Nights changed the format to a detective investigation story and turned to be a completely different show. Audiences tried to follow weird storylines but thankfully season 3 didn’t happen.

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Ravenswood. Spin-off from: Pretty Little Liars

Ravenswood was cancelled after one season which feels a bit unfair as it had potential to be something bigger.  Pretty Little Liars set a high bar for the first season and the supernatural part of the show was promising but it wasn’t meant to be.

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Young Americans. Spin-off from: Dawson’s Creek

Cancelled after the first season, Young Americans tried to get some of that teen drama craze but have missed the target. Even though it ticked all the necessary boxes,  it could not fill the void of  Dawson’s Creek. It is worth mentioning that Coca Cola sponsored the show and had its products featured in most episodes.

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Private Practice. Spin-off from: Grey’s Anatomy

This show follows the steps of Addison Montgomery who left Seattle Grace Hospital to join a private practice in LA. The series has been renewed for six seasons but in the end, only crossovers between Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy kept fans going. We were happy to see that the main character rejoined the original show for Season 11.

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CSI: Cyber. Spin-off from: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  

The crime scene investigation genre has proven to be almost bulletproof for a wide audience. Original shows had more than 10 seasons and were running out of ideas. When CSI: Cyber came out, it was widely criticized for its unrealistic cases (and viewers probably got tired) so the show was closed after 2 seasons.

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Snooki & Jwoww. Spin-off from: Jersey Shore

Reality TV has that magic ability to keep viewers watching and Jersey Shore was there to keep us entertained. While there were 4 spin-offs, Snooki & Jwoww is the most successful one yet it still wasn’t good enough.  It took four seasons to realize that the show sucked and it simply couldn’t  beat the original.

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That ’80s Show. Spin-off from: That 70’s Show

New decade, same format should work, right? Unfortunately, some shows should stay in the past as a reminder of good times rather than being turned into a modern mess. One season is too much.