10 Worst Horror Movies Ever Made


Why do people love watching horror movies so much? Many have tried to answer that question but in the end it all boils down to getting an adrenaline shot from being scared. Every decent horror movie will find a way to tickle your nerves either during or long after you’ve watched it. But where there are good horror flicks, there are also bad ones. I mean like, virtually unwatchable turd nuggets.


Here are the 10 worst horror movies ever made!


P.S. I’ll sprinkle in some funny reviews here and there, because the trailers aren’t doing these movies justice.



1. Jaws 3-D
Remember when after watching the first Jaws you were scared of water for like a month? Oh, so it’s just me then? Fine, sure. Anyway, Jaws 3-D is the unwanted child born out of wedlock. Seriously, who asked for this, the SHARK?



2. The Fog
This “crapsterpiece”, even though it was produced by John Carpenter himself, still failed to make a single lick of sense.


3. Sharknado
What do you get when you combine tornado and sharks? That’s right, you get Sharknado! With a budget of $2 million, this SyFy “gem” became somewhat of a cult classic. This doesn’t mean it’s good, however. IMHO, the 5th movie (yes, there are 6 of them) was by far the worst, but it all started from the bottom.



4. One Missed Call
OoOooh! Voicemails, how spooky! The Ring did it first and in a much better fashion. Don’t waste your time with this one.

5. Troll 2
Unlike the first Trolls movie (which, by the way, was pretty bad too), this one doesn’t even have any trolls to begin with! Only Goblins… Goblins and an old ghost of the kid’s grandfather.



6. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
I’ll admit that the first movie became a cultural phenomenon, but if you keep milking the same ideas in the sequel, they suddenly stop working on people.



7. House of the Dead
Ah, good old Uwe Boll and his countless video game “movies”. Yeah, did you know that House of the Dead is a rather old arcade rail-shooter video game? Now you do. And how do you make a movie out of it? You DON’T!

8. Alone in the Dark
Hey, it’s also a video game movie! Is it… Yup, same director as before – Uwe Boll. Get your hands off my precious childhood memories about detectives investigating scary stuff, Uwe!




9. BloodRayne
Okay, that’s it, Boll, you’re asking for an ass whoopin’! Sure, I’ll admit it, Blood Rayne isn’t the best video game ever made, far from it, but could you have at least tried to make your movie half as good? The main protagonist is a sexy vampire lady killing other vamps, for Christ’s sake, how could you mess this one up?


10. Birdemic: Shock and Terror
Oh boy… Where do I even start with this one? The acting is non-existent, the plot is uuh… is there a plot? Oh, and acid-vomiting CGI birds look especially crappy!