10 Movie Remakes You Didn’t Know Were Being Made


Who doesn’t like seeing rehashed plots, characters, and ideas on the big screen? Well, I actually do like reboots, because I treat each installment as a separate thing and don’t blame Hollywood ruining my childhood every time there’s a reboot announced. The only exception being the most recent Fat4stic reboot. Hell, I even enjoyed the all-female Ghostbusters! Certainly wasn’t the highlight of the franchise, but they can’t all be winners.


So anyway, the news about movie reboots are usually treated with lots of swearing and phrases like “come up with new ideas”, “stop destroying my childhood”, and other nonsense. You have to remember that not all reboots are created equally. Some are quite horrible, others, like for example the Dark Knight trilogy, are out of this world. So let’s take a peek behind the kitchen door of Hollywood, and see what’s cooking in the “R&R” department (obviously R&R stands for “reboots & remakes”).


Here are 10 movie remakes you didn’t know were being made!



1. Lady and the Tramp
Your favorite dog movie will go live-action! We asked for this? Oh well, at least it won’t be a theatrical release. Rumor has it, Mickey is saving this one for the Disney streaming service.



2. Child’s Play
Horror remakes are awesome! Every time we see one, it’s like the new director tries to outsmart the previous one by making the movie even scarier (or at least that’s what they think). In case of Child’s Play, I watched one of the movies when I was six, but since I didn’t have any dolls, it wasn’t all that creepy. Now, Toy Story on the other hand, freaked me out! Either way, if you enjoy horror movies, this should be on your watch list.


3. Home Alone
No-no-no, this time we won’t see little Kevin torture the burglars again. According to the movie’s producer, Deadpool himself, the actual title is going to be Stoned Alone. So there’s a stoner who was left alone, and guess what he does? Of course, he gets stoned. Combine that with the munchies, home intruders, and paranoia, and you’ll get a hell of a comedy!



4. The Fly
“The life, uuuh, finds a way”. Looks like Cronenberg’s classic horror the Fly will see the light of day again, and this time with CGI! For now we only have the names of the director/co-writer – J.D. Dillard, and the writer – Alex Theurer. They’re promising us an unforgettable ride, and I’m buying that ticket, but only if they get Goldblum to star in it.

5. Rambo: First Blood
Remember John Rambo? All those people he shot dead, blew up, shanked, etc? Well, then get ready for this… Bollywood is taking a shot at him! Life will never be the same after seeing a dancing and singing Rambo.



6. Starship Troopers
If you didn’t like the original movie about human fighting space bugs, then I’ve got some good news for you! Paul Verhoeven, who directed the first movie, said multiple times, that he hated the book the story was based on. Cue in the new screenwriting duo Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (Friday the 13th, Freddy vs. Jason, Baywatch)! Rumor has it, they’ll be doing things quite differently in their version.


7. Little Shop of Horrors
From the producer of The Flash, Supergirl, and many other CW shows – Greg Berlanti, comes a reboot of Little Shop of Horrors, starring: a huge flesh-eating plant from outer space with a voice of an angel, Seymour, and a lot of people who’ll eventually become fertilizer. What’s not to love?

8. Pet Sematary
Stephen King is really hot right now, so, of course, Hollywood is dipping all its toes into adaptations of his books, as well as rebooting some of the classic horrors, like, IT, Firestarter, and now Pet Sematary. We’ll see the result quite shortly, in just a year!



9. Highlander
You know their motto – “there can be only one”, but that refers only to the immortal swordsmen. Till now we’ve had like 5 Highlander movies and 2 TV shows! Bad news is, it looks like we’re getting a hard reboot, or as Chad Stahelski put it “a new take” on the whole Highlander mythos.


10. Gremlins
Gremlins is arguably one of the best Christmas franchises, right after Home Alone. Joe Dante did an amazing job with this horror comedy, but seeing as it’s Spielberg and Columbus who are bringing the franchise back, I’m gonna have to give it a green light!