10 Horrendous Movies of 2018 You Do Not Want To Waste Your Money On


Every year we have amazing movies that remind us of why cinema is a form of art. Some of them will be forever etched in our heads for life, thanks to their artistic merits and creative vision of the people in charge. But that’s the good stuff. Wherever there’s light, the darkness follows soon after. For every great movie there are ten crappy ones that will make your eyes bleed.


It’s high time to focus on the failures of this year, even thought it’s only June, and there will be many-many more failures in the upcoming months. Some of the films on this list were clearly doomed from the start, but others had some potential that somehow got lost in the ruthless movie machine called Hollywood. In any case, all of them, in one way or another, were failures, whether commercially or critically.


Here are the 10 worst movies of 2018… so far (in no particular order).



1. Insidious: The Last Key
This whole franchise is a dumpster fire, so it’s not at all surprising that the final (???) part of this mess, sucks as well.



2. Death Wish
Hollywood, honey, please, stop with the unnecessary reboots! Tom Cruise didn’t save the Mummy, and Bruce Willis is not Burt Reynolds. Come up with some new stuff.

3. Winchester
My good buddies at Rotten Tomatoes nailed it with a 14% score. There’s a good chance you’ll fall asleep watching it.



4. I Feel Pretty
Avoid everything with … in it. Just a small life hack. Over used/abused. My cats feel pretty every morning when they use their box and then I have to clean it up which makes me feel like a responsible dad, but certainly not pretty.

5. Super Troopers 2
Comedies are supposed to be funny, not idiotic!



6. Overboard
I love Anna Farris, but, by Odin’s beard, why is she playing in such a third-rate schlock fest?

7. A Wrinkle in Time
Oh look, not everything Disney makes is a masterpiece.

8. Fifty Shades Freed
… I mean… It’s a “Fifty Shades” movie. What else would you expect?



9. The Cloverfield Paradox
Now, I personally don’t think it was that bad of a sci-fi movie, but the majority of people really had issues with the narrative and the unclear tie-ins to the franchise.

10. Sherlock Gnomes
Remember Pixels, Minions, and the Emoji Movie? Well, this crap-brick is their closest competitor in 2018. Bad jokes are all around! Avoid at all costs!