10 Highest Rated TV Episodes on IMDb Ever


Hey, you! Yeah, you! Wanna watch some top quality television? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. As a TV show maniac I have my own list of my favorite shows and episodes, but, sadly, none of them made it onto this list. However I have seen a lot of these, so I’m technically qualified to give you my unnecessary opinion on this subject! Only rule is – one episode per franchise, since the actual top 10 list would have like 3 shows, and that’s just boring.


Anyway, if you haven’t seen some of these, now’s the time to pick up the slack. Here are 10 highest rated TV episodes on IMDb ever. Enjoy!



10. Gravity Falls – Not What He Seems (2015), IMDb rating: 9,8
You know a cartoon is more than just a mindless distraction when it’s in a top 10 list like this one. How do I even say something without ultimately spoiling the entire series? You know what, I’m not gonna do it. Go watch Gravity Falls. All of it! I’ll wait…



9. Scrubs – My Finale: Part 2 (2009), IMDb rating: 9,8
Prepare to laugh, cry and, cry even more after watching one of the best TV finale episodes ever. See, no spoilers here!

8. Community – Modern Warfare (2010), IMDb rating: 9,8
In one of the best twists of the modern television, our Spanish study group from Greendale Community College is thrown into the middle of what seems to be a war zone… but with paintball guns. Seriously one of the most epic episodes ever written.



7. House M.D. – House’s Head (2008), IMDb rating: 9,8
Something’s wrong with House and his memory. He survived a bus crash, and now he can’t recollect who on that bus was going to die without his medical help. Of course the outcome is as shocking as they get, but you better see it for yourself. Definitely one of the most intense and memorable House episodes out there.

6. Doctor Who – Blink (2007), IMDb rating: 9,8
This still gives me nightmares, so if you feel adventurous and courageous enough, go ahead and watch Blink.



5. Hannibal – Mizumono (2014), IMDb rating: 9,9
Let’s just say Hannibal lives up to his name in this series finale. Is that a spoiler? I don’t think so. From episode one the dude had zero chances of making it out alive.

4. Person of Interest – If-Then-Else (2015), IMDb rating: 9,9
Wow, it’s been so long I can’t even remember what happened in this top-rated episode. I feel like someone died there. I should rewatch the series. Jim Caviezel is such a badass in this show.

3. Breaking Bad – Felina (2013), IMDb rating: 9,9
Of course, Breaking Bad is in the top three!



2. Game of Thrones – Battle of the Bastards (2016), IMDb rating: 9,9
Oh yes, baby, it’s Jon Snow vs Ramsay Bolton! I don’t think I need to say more, aside from always feed your dogs, no matter what.

1. Lucifer – A Devil of My Word (2018), IMDb rating: 9,9
The Devil himself has taken the throne! I’m very glad to say that spreading the hashtag #SaveLucifer ultimately gave this show a new pair of wings, but as to the episode itself, I can’t really tell you much. Just the fact that it ends with the worst cliffhanger in the history of cliffhangers. And then stupid FOX cuts the show loose. Who does that? … anyway, praised be Netflix, out Lord and Savior, for not leaving us Lucifans hanging!