10 FOX Characters Who Are Now Technically Disney Princesses


Everybody loves Disney, especially their lovely princesses. For some reason they’re very popular not only among kids, but also among adults. And recently something really exciting happened: Disney is buying a lot of 20th Century Fox’s assets, including the company’s film and TV division. And you know what that means, don’t you?


Well, aside from being able to finally reunite the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney now owners the rights to a huge number of TV series and movie franchises, like Avatar, the Simpsons, Alien, and many more. And this, in turn, means we’re (technically) getting a ton of fresh new Disney princesses!


Here are 10 FOX characters, who are now technically Disney princesses!



1. Remember Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? She’s definitely royalty, and she sorta wears a crown.



2. Just as the name implies…Scream Queens! Sure, they may be “queens”, but let’s be honest, they’re Scream Princesses at best!

3. Neytiri from Avatar is technically the princess of the Na’vi, right?



4. Lucy and Susan from The Chronicles of Narnia were both queens, so as explained earlier, it counts!!

5. You didn’t forget about Princess Poppy from Trolls, did you?



6. And we have another mermaid – Aquamarine! At least Ariel won’t feel the odd one out anymore.

7. The Princess Bride, because, it’s in the freaking title, duh.

8. Wait, Anastasia, isn’t Disney’s creation? What? Well, either way, she’s now officially one of the princesses!



9. Oh this is a good one. Xenomorphs came from chest-bursters, who came from eggs, who were laid by… you got it – a Xenomorph Queen! So, technically, all these acid-blooded murder machines are princesses. How sweet!

10. And for the grand finale, we have Lisa Simpson, because if she doesn’t deserve to be called a princess – no one does!