10 Best Cartoons of All Time


Remember those good old days when you woke up early to watch Saturday Morning cartoons and eat last night’s pizza instead of cereals? No? Just me? Okay then, but still I’m pretty sure you did enjoy cartoons when you were little. A mix of some Tom and Jerry, a little TMNT here and there, and a pinch of Transformers surely sounds like a delightful cartoon cocktail!


These animated adventures made us happier, and our parents just a little bit poorer financially whenever we saw a toy Transformer or a box of Pokemons, well, anything. In honor of our sweet sweet childhood memories, I present to you the list of top 10 best cartoons of all time! Of course, everyone has their own favorite shows, so go ahead and leave your list in the comments.



1. Looney Tunes
A lot can be said about the wacky adventures of these fluffy animated goofs, but one thing’s certain – with them around it was never a dull moment! And, apparently a lot of the classic Looney Tunes episodes and on the WB Kids channel on YouTube so you can watch them legally whenever you want!



2. Tom and Jerry
These two (as well as the supporting cast) have been on TV since 1940, that’s almost 60 years of playing the literal cat and mouse with each other. Just like with Looney Tunes, you can watch episodes of T&J for free on YouTube!


3. The Simpsons
The meme “Simpsons already did it” is not just a funny phrase, it pretty much sums up the show in a nutshell. If you’ve come up with an idea, chances are the Simpsons already did it in one of the episodes. And of course, it’s super funny!



4. Sponge Bob Square Pants
Every day a 100 new memes are born on the internet, but just like in real life, not all of them are meant to survive. But if you make a Sponge Bob meme, it’s more likely to get to the top! Oh yeah, and the cartoon kicks ass too!

5. Pokemon
If you knew me, and you probably don’t, you’d know that I can talk Pokemon for days, but I’ll keep it super short. As a cartoon, or I should say anime, it’s a fantastic story about friendship, motivation, and overcoming obstacles. It’s fun for the whole family, although as I’ve recently discovered, a 30 year-old brain has some issues with the “plot”.



6. Duck Tales
When you fear that funky bass line, you know you’re in for some Duck Tales Ooh-ooh! Good luck trying to get the catchiest song in the world from our brain. I haven’t seen the reboot yet, but the internet is not seem to be sharpening the pitchforks, so it’s at least as good as the original.


7. Rick and Morty
I know there’s a stigma about people who like Rick and Morty, but it is really a great show, no matter what the toxic fans say about it. Is it more enjoyable if you know your pop cultural references? Hell yeah! Can you still enjoy the humor if you don’t know them? Affirmative.


8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
One of the most outlandish ideas to ever exist – turtles that mutated into humanoid monsters and learned martial arts to protect New York – turned out to be a real gold mine! Cowabunga, bros! Let’s have some pizza and kick Shredder’s metal butt!



9. Gravity Falls
Fearing that some of you have not yet seen Gravity Falls in all its quirky glory, I won’t show any spoilers. Now go ahead, watch a couple of episodes and tell me it’s one of the best animated masterpieces ever created!


10. Batman:The Animated Series
This is another one of those shows that grab you by the nether regions as soon as you hear the intro. Aside from giving us amazing story arcs, Batman also featured a brand new character who later joined the comics, games, and even movies – of course, I’m talking about Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, making BTAS the greatest animated show about superheroes!