10 Awesome Live Streaming Webcams From Around The World!


10 Awesome Live Streaming Webcams From Around The World 1There are probably millions of live webcams in the world, but most of them are pretty boring to watch, unless you’re really into watching people go about their business. It’s pretty much as boring as watching the paint dry – nothing happens for hours! There are, however, webcams that break this rule and here are just some of them.



1. The Northern Lights1. The Northern LightsWho doesn’t like Northern Lights? They look amazing and you can stare at them for hours! If you don’t have time to travel to the polar regions, you can always tune it to this Swedish webcam located in Porjus, a tiny village in Lapland, famous for its incredible Aurora Borealis sightings.
Watch it here: http://www.porjus.eu/



2. Loch Ness2. Loch NessEver heard of the Loch Ness Monster? It would be really weird if you haven’t. Well, now you can monitor the Scottish lake 24/7! How about that? Sure, you can’t see anything after 8 PM, but you still get at least 10 hours to watch over this legendary body of water! What’s even more amazing is that we’re gonna get an underwater camera soon, so hold on to your cryptid theories, for Nessie might still be lurking somewhere out there.
Watch it here: http://www.lochness.co.uk/livecam/index.html

3. Africam3. AfricamYou can already guess what this webcam will show you: zebras, lions, elephants and all sorts of native African wild beasts. You can check out what they’re up to at any moment (if, of course, you’re able to catch them). If you’re in the US, don’t forget about the time difference and try visiting this web cam at night,
Watch it here: http://www.africam.com/wildlife/index.php


4. Deep Space Tracking Station, Cebreros, Spain4. Deep Space Tracking Station, Cebreros, SpainOver 600 tons of metal and electronics lets us peer into the unknown – the last frontier – cosmos. It may not be too fascinating to watch this structure (seemingly) do nothing all day long, but when you realize that even a 1 degree turn lets us see thousands of new stars – it should blow your mind. Space stuff is crazy business!
Watch it here: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Operations/ESTRACK_Cebreros_webcam

5. HD Earth-Viewing System (HDEV)5. HD Earth-Viewing System (HDEV)While we’re on the subject of space… there are many cool locations you can visit on Earth, but this one is far-far up there. Witness the modern miracle that is a free HD webcam transmitting FROM THE EARTH’S ORBIT! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell like that. Do I really need to convince you about how amazing this is? Yeah, thought so.
Watch it here: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/


6. MicroscopeCam, New York, United States.6. MicroscopeCam, New York, United States.Let’s go back to Earth now. Closer… No, even closer. Zoom in. Good. This here is just a tiny camera broadcasting what the simplest life forms do in their spare time (so,basically, always). Yup, it’s basically a web-microscope showing us different bacteria floating in water.
Watch it here: http://www.under-microscope.com/

7. Niagara Falls
Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls, Horseshoe Falls at sunrisePeople say you can watch infinitely at three things: flames, running water and… well, the third one is always a joke, really. The flame and water are actually pretty spot on, so here’s something that’ll surely calm you down – Niagara Falls. Put on some smooth jazz and watch one of the most romantic waterfalls wash away all the bad stuff. It really works, try it!
Watch it here: http://www.cliftonhill.com/explore/media-gallery/niagara-falls-cam


8. Inside a Pizzeria8. Inside a PizzeriaAdmit it, you’ve always wanted to see how your pizza is being made. And now you can watch the whole process to make sure you don’t get those pesky onions or chef’s boogers on your dough, Bon appetit!
Watch it here: http://titanium.tusto.cz/tusto-tv/

9. Pandas LIVE!9. Pandas LIVE!This one couldn’t be any more clear: you can watch real pandas loaf around in their (almost) natural habitat in China. Think of all the exclusive GIF’s you can make! Also, remember about the time zone thing. China is not in Texas.
Watch them here: http://en.ipanda.com/live/


10. Coral Reef, Cayman Islands10. Coral Reef, Cayman IslandsThis is your window into the underwater world, especially if you don’t have time or can’t afford the trip. As any other live feed, this webcam should be watched in broad daylight, so you could see all the colorful creatures inhabiting the reef. Happy virtual snorkeling!
Watch it here: http://www.oceanfrontiers.com/webcam.html