Woodworking Taken To A Whole New Level


Woodworking was one of the first crafts which was extremely popular in the past and is now being revived by wood enthusiasts. While modern life is full of easily available tools and materials from the likes of IKEA, DIY chain stores and catalogues, people have started to look for special things which would make their life more colorful and pleasant.



This independent woodworking company, Kochut, was started by three brothers who shared a passion for wooden creations. Their hobby turned to full-time job when they realized that people appreciate unique furniture made to order.

The brothers have thousands of followers on social media, hundreds of positive reviews from their customers and millions of admirable comments. Every piece of furniture they create is unique and is available only in one copy. While customers can decide on a preferred wood type and colors, the woodworkers ask clients to trust them with the final result.

The Kochut brothers are very talented, they specialize in two a bit unrelated but very creative areas – jewellery and furniture. They design and produce everything in-house using 3D modeling and printing, wax models and individual designs. The craftsmen use woods including American walnut, elm, walnut, oak, California maple, maple, bog oak, poplar and ash.

The original shape of the wood is preserved and shaped into coffee tables, dining tables, desks and even chopping boards. The natural shape of the wood is complemented with epoxy resin which creates an incredible contrast of textures and colors.

Kochut’s feature design is a river table. The table is created by using two matching slabs of wood with a contrast epoxy resin filling in between them. The table looks very beautiful and is unexpectedly durable, it can be used as a dining table or an office desk. There are no limits to which shape: a rectangular design can be used with bigger pieces in mind, while a round design will suit well for a coffee table. Additionally, you can order a table in an unusual shape, however, the Kochut brothers recommend you use 3D visualisation to make sure that the new creation will fit the interior and decor of its surroundings.

Kochut jewelry and furniture became so popular that they partnered with different stores in Austria, The Czech Republic and Kazakhstan to make their amazing creations available internationally. All of their furniture is available to buy now on their webstore. In addition, there are feature models which can be made to order. Shipping abroad is available and they accept PayPal!