Weird, Random Things That Are Prohibited Around The World


When it comes down to it, most laws make sense. But some laws make less sense, but we’ve accepted them as being a part of life, like taxes.


Some parts around the world go way over the top with what they prohibit the general populace to do. And no, I’m not talking about „Country You’ve Never Heard Of-istan“ either. I’m pretty sure most people have at least one of these countries on their „to visit“ list. That or they’ve already been there. Or they just don’t like to travel. I won’t judge, that’s none of my business.


Anyway, let’s take a look at some generally everyday things that you can’t do in some parts of the world.



France – Kissing In Train Stations
Well, considering which kind of kiss the French made famous, I’m pretty happy to not have to watch that for a full 30 minutes of waiting for my train to arrive. Then again, you can always look the other way – no need to turn it into an actual law. This is also a law in some train stations in the UK.



China – Saving A Drowning Person
Sorry chap, should’ve learned to swim properly. Situations like these are exactly why Aquaman is a real hero.

UK – You Can’t Touch Whales
Not just whales, but dolphins and other sea mammals too. They’re considered property of the Queen if they’re within a 3 mile radius from the coastline, so you’re not allowed to touch them. This begs the question how many incidents of people petting whales and dolphins (which aren’t all that prevalent in the UK last time I checked) they had to go through before the Queen decided they were hers and no one could have them.



Italy – Feeding Pigeons
This one is only in Venice, actually. It kind of makes sense since Venice is 10% buildings, 15% gondolas, 15% sewage smell, 20% water and 40% pigeons. The numbers add up.

UK – Eating Biscuits On Christmas Day
List of things people of the UK got so tired of in the last 500 years: people kissing in train stations, people petting the Queen’s sea mammals, the European Union and people eating biscuits on Christmas Day. Seems like a tolerant people.



Canada – Can’t Pay With Change Only
Canada, the most tolerant country in the world, has signed a law that has appalled old people all over the country: it’s actually illegal to pay with only change. If the price of your purchase is over 10 Canadian dollar (which is about 7 Monopoly dollars), you have to pay at least with one bill.

Samoa – Illegal To Forget Your Wife’s Birthday
And this is why not living in Samoa is instantly a lot cheaper for me.

Japan – Illegal To Show Tattoos
Well, it’s not a law-law, but most hotels, gyms, you name it actually prohibit customers from entering if they have visible tattoos. They’re still very heavily associated with the Yakuza in Japan, and I wouldn’t want any Japanese mobsters in my hotel either.



Thailand – Illegal To Step On Money
Yes, Thailand actually makes it illegal to step on money or bills, because they have Thai people depicted on them. You don’t step on depictions of Thai people. I’m not sure if you can actually pick up the money afterward to pay your fine. I should do more research into this.

USA – Banned Kinder Surprise
What, you thought USA didn’t have any silly laws? Every kid’s most favorite thing apart from not having to go to work every morning, Kinder Surprise, is banned in the USA because it was deemed too dangerous to have toys inside of food. It seems more dangerous to find it a normal thing that every kid in your country is just randomly going to eat every bit of plastic they can find close enough to a thin chocolate layer, but that’s none of my business.