Weird History: 10 Legendary People Who Never Existed


There are certain people who are known to millions all over the world. Their accomplishments marked the beginning of a new legend and they are gradually rising in popularity every year. However, the funny thing about it all is that none of these people are real. That’s right, some of your favorite historical figures, authors and icons are actually fictional! So here are some of our favorite people with worldwide famous names who turned out to be a fiction.


If you don’t know who Mulan is, go watch the Disney movie. It’s awesome! But meanwhile, let me give you some facts about this lovely character. In fact, there are no facts or recordings of Mulan existence at all. According to the legend, Mulan was a Chinese warrior princess who dressed up as a man to fight in combat. Disney managed to tell her story pretty accurate, which in turn made us believe she actually existed.

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William Shakespeare

Who doesn’t know William Shakespeare? He gave us Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. So, how could he be a fake? Turns out, many believe he is just a pen name, and the person or persons who wrote those classics might be now lost in oblivion.

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Jack Dawson

I have always thought that Jack Dawson was a real person. But unfortunately, our beloved sweet and handsome Jack is a fiction. Ok, just to be quite honest, there was a Jack Dawson on board of the Titanic, but he was a slave, not an artist who lived under the bridge.

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood – a noble thief (can you say that?) who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. This legendary folk hero has captured our hearts and taught us so much. He taught us that you always have to have a clear plan and appreciate and respect your team. He taught us that you can change your position in life. But most importantly, to never give up. Robin Hood was amazing, too bad he was also fictional.

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King Arthur

Who doesn’t know the legend of King Arthur? Even if you haven’t read the story, you’ve probably watched the movies, like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, starring a Hollywood hottie Charlie Hunnam. These movies are telling the story of the British king who was allegedly raised by prostitutes, claimed his sword from the Lady of the Lake and found the Cup of Christ. But in fact, there are no records or evidence supporting his existence.

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Mary Magdalene

According to the four canonical gospels, Mary Magdalene was allegedly a witness to the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yes, there are a lot of theories, but many sources claim that there are actually no written justification of her existence.

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You might believe that the masked man who left a “Z” mark on bad guys was real. But I have to disappoint you – there was no guy named Don Diego de la Vega in history. Zorro is a fictional character created by the writer Johnston McCulley in 1919. However, I have to say, there were some historical figures that inspired the Zorro legend.

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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes made it to the Guinness World Records list as “the most portrayed movie character” which made everyone believe he was real. But, unfortunately, Sherlock is nothing more than a fiction created by the British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A super smart one, but a fiction!

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Uncle Sam

 “Uncle Sam” – a personification of the US federal government and citizens. Uncle Sam is usually portrayed as a tall bearded man dressed in a suit of white, blue and red. You should know that even though his image is based on several different people, he never existed. His image became an iconic symbol for the US, and for the whole world.

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I bet there is no one in this Universe who doesn’t like or doesn’t even know who Gorillaz are. What many don’t know is that Gorillaz is a virtual, 100% fictional band. While there are four members in the band – Murdoc Niccals (bass guitar), Noodle (guitar and occasional vocals), 2D (lead vocalist, keyboard) and Russel Hobbs (drums and percussion) – there are only two guys behind it. British musician Damon Albarn is responsible for the amazing music and vocals, and British cartoonist Jamie Hewlett is responsible for the visuals.