Weird Celebrity Eating Habits


We’re about to dive deep into the world of the culinary arts. As much as we all love eating, there’s quite a difference between a sidecourt hot dog and a dish made by a proper cook. But, as we all know, the hot dog will probably be a lot cheaper.


Now who do we know that has a lot of money? Oh, right, celebrities! And because they have loads of cash to blow on good food, it’s only natural to want to take a look into what they eat. And I’m not talking about that perfect steak, I’m talking about the weird stuff. The things that we wouldn’t dream of even if we did have the money for it. Let’s take a look at the best ones.



Christina Aguilera’s Color-Coordinated Food
Apparently Christina has a diet where she only eats food of one color every day.



Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Food
Well, this might be the secret to her looking so young, but Reese Witherspoon eats about 14 jars of baby food on a daily basis. Yes, that’s 14. No, it wasn’t a typo.

The Rock’s Cheat Day
For us normal beings, a cheat day would be eating an entire box of chocolates without feeling bad. For Dwayne Johnson, it’s 8 pancakes, 4 pizzas and 21 brownies. Even when The Rock cheats, he’s lifting more weights than me.



Selena Gomez’ Pickle Popcorn
While we can all relate to Selena’s love for popcorn, it’s kind of weird that she always adds pickles to them.

Mariah Carey’s Purple Food
It’s not due to an obsession with Prince, it’s because purple food has loads of antioxidants. Gotta have lots of those.



Madonna’s Aroma
Madonna swears by a holistic diet that basically makes you cook dinner, smell the aroma and then have a glass of salted water. Because why not waste all that food, right?

Nicole Kidman’s Bugs
Yup, Nicole loves eating bugs. In a certain Vanity Fair video, she eats a four-course meal of all sorts of critters and describes them all as being wonderfully tasty.

Miranda Kerr’s Coconut Oil
We all know that coconut oil makes your skin look better, but Miranda Kerr insists on eating it.



Nicolas Cage’s Dignity
Nicolas Cage, also known as the weirdest actor alive, insist on only eating animal meat if the animal engages in what the Cagemeister refers to as “dignified sex”. So yes, the animal must look dignified whilst performing coitus or Nicolas Cage shall not eat it.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Sandwich
Jennifer Lawrence loves good food and hates diets, and her special sandwich is the best example of that. It’s essentially a “pizza chili spaghetti sandwich”. It’s essentially putting all unhealthy food on top of each other and eating it all at once. Now I’m hungry.