Top 7 Non-Cliche Places In The US To Add To Your Travel Bucket List


When it comes to visiting the United States, people usually have in mind the most cliche destinations, like New York City, Venice beach in LA, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge and Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, these places are amazing and totally worth visiting, but there is so much more to this great country than these standard tourist attractions. I’m talking about Mendenhall Glacier Caves in Alaska, turquoise springs in Yellowstone Park, or an active volcano Kilauea in the Hawaii islands, this kind of thing!


With so many fascinating, surreal places to visit in the USA, I was more than tempted to list all of them, but I got it together and decided to focus on specific destinations that I believe stand out just a little bit more than others… but just a little bit!



Yellowstone National Park, mostly Wyoming, parts of Montana and Idaho
This park is almost 9,000 square kilometers of wilderness atop a volcanic hot springs. The main visiting sights would include Grand Prismatic Spring (geyser and hot spring), legendary geyser Old Faithful erupting on schedule, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Upper Yellowstone Falls.


Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska
If you are not afraid of cold, you should go to Alaska and check out the breathtaking beauty of the Mendenhall glacier. There are a lot of glaciers in Alaska but not all of them feature caves. This is why the Mendenhall Glacier caves are the most popular tourist attraction in Alaska and an absolute wonder to explore.



Oneonta Gorge, Oregon
When you see this gorge, it gives you a feeling that you are not in the States right now, but somewhere in tropical jungles. The Oneonta Gorge is a scenic gem located along the Columbia River. Just don’t let the log pile up turn you down, once you are past that, you are in for a treat!


Haiku Stairs aka Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii
Haiku Stairs is probably the most awesome attraction on the entire island. This steep hiking trail is officially closed to the public but many people continue climbing despite the ‘no entry’ sign. And I can tell you that it’s totally worth the 3,922 steps that it takes to get to the top. The views that open up from the top will make your heart skip a beat!



Zion National Park, Utah
Just like the Yellowstone National Park, this incredible park is a must visit for all nature enthusiast. It features a lot of gorgeous looking sights, but the most prominent ones would be the Zion Canyon, “The Subway” hiking trail and “The Narrows”.


Bryce Canyon, Utah
This mesmerizing beauty is only a few miles away from Zion Park. It’s red, orange and white rocks are geological structures formed by stream erosion and frost weather. These structures are called hoodoos and all together they form the collection of large natural amphitheaters.



Ok, I might add one of those cliche places to the list, but only because it’s one of the world’s 7 wonders and everyone should see it in their lifetime…


It’s Grand Canyon, y’all!
What makes it one of the most remarkable places on Earth? Well…it’s the deepest gorge on Earth, plus it’s colorful landscape and massive size is just too overwhelming to handle!