Top 9 Most Heavily Guarded World Leaders


As you may probably know people with the heaviest security personnel are usually presidents, kings, and other political leaders. After all they hold millions of lives in their hands, not to mention millions or billions of dollars in their pockets. What kind of a president doesn’t like feeling safe when they’re going for a ride in their bulletproof limo?


Here are 9 world leaders guarded by nothing short of a small army.



1. Kim Jong Un
During his visit to South Korea he drove around in a limo surrounded by 12 guards. At all times! And the total number of his bodyguards goes as high as 15,000 people.



2. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
President of Turkey prefers a bulletproof buses to limos, with armed guards outside, inside, and even on the roof!



3. Shinzo Abe
A Prime Minister in Japan is sort of like a president in democratic countries, and just like Kim Jong Un, Shinzo also prefers limos. Lots of them, and all of them filled with guards with guns.



4. Queen Elizabeth II
What’s there to say about one of the last queens of the Old World? Even though she doesn’t hold any real power, people are still trying to harm her. Every guard in the Buckingham Palace counts as her personal bodyguard when she’d inside. And outside, well, more limos!



5. Alpha Conde
This president of Guinea has been riding with his body sticking out from the roof of his car for years now. He’s trying to show that he’s not afraid… but his army of guards are still armed and ready for action.



6. Donald Trump
This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone, that one of the most powerful countries on the planet needs its leader alive and well. And seeing as Trump has ruffled more feathers than any other world leader, he definitely needs all those guards around him.



7. Vladimir Putin
Same as Trump, Putin has surrounded himself with guards from special forces. These 50,000 people are all around president of Russia every step he takes.



8. Xí Jìnpíng
Speaking of communists, we have Xi Jinping, the president of China, with his 80,000 bodyguards! Some say all of his personal guards must carry at least 3 guns, 2 knives, and some sort of powder pouch. Don’t ask me, I just work here!



9. Pope Francis
And finally we have the most well-guarded person in the world – Pope Francis. Just because he’s a religious leader, and doesn’t have any real power in the political world, there are still people out to get him.