Top 7 Weird Snack Food Flavors from Around the World


Feeling adventurous? How about an unusual snack? Something straight from the Good Mythical Morning, if Rhett and Link had hooves and horns. Seriously, some of the stuff you’re about to see, may wrench your gut just a little bit, and not in a lovely way.



Sausage & Beer Doritos
Let’s start off with something mildly disgusting. Sausage and beer Doritos. Sure, it may sound pretty appealing, until you throw in some delicious Italian sausages into a blender, and pour some ice-cold beer. Not as yummy now, eh? Shouldn’t surprise you that this flavor came to be in Japan. I don’t really know, as I’ve never tried these, but if you’re into that – more power to you!



Wasabi Ice Cream
Mmm, what could be better after a long, hard day at the office, than a bucket of ice cream, right? “Oh but, how about we add wasabi to that?” – someone said jokingly. But the Asian ice cream company didn’t laugh, no, it took that idea, and ran with it. The results were rather curious. Again, I have no idea how that stuff tastes, and I refuse to try it.

Dry Pork & Seaweed Donuts
Oh look, we’re still in Asia. If you happen to visit China, and you’re a sucker for donuts, you’d be able munch on a combination of a classic glazed donut with a not-so-classic mix of dried pork and seaweed. Great.

Vegemite Cadbury Dairy Milk
Okay, I’ve heard a lot of good and bad stuff about Vegemite, but one thing is certain – it smells like crap. So why would you want to have your milk chocolate smell like crap? This is the question we should be asking Cadbury and their crazy CEO.

Lemon & Pepper Tang
Just add some water! That’s what Tang is all about. The powdered mix drink got really popular during the 1960s, when NASA brought it on a number of their space missions. Ever since then, this wonder juice has been pretty plain, in terms of tastes, until… The lemon and pepper Tang. Not gonna lie, I’d definitely try this one.

Garlic Chocolate
The very last thing I would mix into a vat full of delicious chocolate is garlic. Okay, maybe I could come up with something more disgusting, but for now it’s garlic. Also, there’s a story! Apparently, during WWII, Britain’s Special Operations Executive organization developed the candy as a way to either embarrass Nazi dignitaries by giving them bad breath, or for SOE agents to blend in with the crowds after they parachuted into Spain. Today, however, there’s no need for this BS, and yet it still exists in countries like Japan.

Fish & Chips Gelato
I wasn’t planning on this, but I am eating strawberry gelato at the moment, so this is kinda awkward. And for the life of me, I cannot imagine how someone could mix this ambrosia with the Friday night “fish and chips”. But the Australians did, and reviews were fairly positive, for some reason. Well, either way you’d have to try it yourself, while I’ll be finishing my bucket. Cheers!