Top 10 Video Games of All Time


Most gamers around the world know which upcoming games are worth the wait, but what if you want to play something right now? Searching your local stores for new games with low ratings and dubious reputation is not the best idea, probably. And this is where this list comes in. To be honest, it’s mostly made of cliche games that are in every other top 10 list on the Internet. And rightfully so, because there are way more outstanding games out there, which makes it quite difficult to pick only a handful. So, for now at least, try beating some of these games to see if this is a list for you!


Here are top 10 best games of all time (in my opinion), none of which will leave you indifferent or bored. You will in fact be pumped.



1. Doom (1993) – 2,000,000+ copies sold
This FPS giant has become a staple in every gamer’s library. Thanks to the genius developers at id Software Doom has achieved a legendary status very quickly and is still played to this day on PC, consoles, phones, calculators, ATM’s, and pretty much anything else that has a screen. And while 1993 Doom is a gem, its 2016 reboot with the same name is just as good as the original, if not better.



2. Resident Evil (1996) – 5,400,000 copies sold
In 1996, the lucky owners of the PlayStation 1 were treated with a game that has changed the course of horror title for years to come. Straight from Capcom we got Resident Evil, where a few soldiers are stuck in a mansion full of infected people and other creepy things. I’d highly recommend the Remastered version, though.

3. Diablo (1996) – 2,000,000+ copies sold
If I could get back all the hours spent slaying demons, skeletons and other unholy creations in the deepest dungeons and caverns underneath Tristram, I’d probably get a few extra days out of that deal! The entire franchise is worthy of your attention, but start with the first installment.



4. Final Fantasy VII (1997) – 11,000,000+
FF7 has a special place in my heart, as a game I’ve never finished yet still love everything about it. If you’re a fan of epic plot twists and can tolerate, or even like turn-based combat, well, then you’ve probably played a Final Fantasy game before. It’s also cheap as dirt on Steam!

5. Fallout 2 (1998) – ~3,000,000
First there was the Wasteland, then its concept and visuals evolved into Fallout – an unapologetic, turn-based, post-apocalyptic madness! The second installation on the game improved every little bit of gameplay there was and made it 20x better. Bigger world to explore, bigger guns to shoot Deathclaws, and, naturally, a much bigger story with the sense of freedom that allowed the players to do whatever the hell they wanted.



6. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002) – 3,000,000+
If you’re not a big TBS buff, how about a go with an RTS? Yes, real-time strategy is exactly what you need, especially one taking place in Azeroth. Look, Warcraft III and all its expansions are just damn good games. Probably the best old-school RTS out there.

7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) – 23,000,000
It’s Skyrim. What’s else to say here? Full freedom of choice, killing giant dragons, gravity-defying horse rides, sneaking, stealing, casting spells… It’s all here and much more. Why do you think this game has like 6 editions?

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) – 25,000,000+ (for the whole trilogy)
The Witcher 3 is one of those games where you role-play as an established character, in this case being Geralt, trying to make an honest living out of killing creeps and monsters. But just like with everything else in the world it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. And the Polish gevs at CD Project Red have probably made a deal with the devil himself to make this amazing gem of a game.



9. Dark Souls (2016) – ~3,000,000
Who knew that dying over and over again in a game would make it a cult classic? In your first few hours of playing Dark Souls you’ll probably gonna die like 50 times but that’s just the beginning. If you don’t “git gud”, as the youths say, you’ll never have a chance to see some of the most horrifying enemies and bosses in gaming history. So, go pick up those souls you dropped and press on!

10. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) – ~7,000,000
I’ve never been a big Zelda fan, but LoZ:BotW was a real surprise. It’s like going on an adventure! Everything you see can be explored, the power-ups make the gameplay fun as hell and the music is just pure genius! No wonder that just in 1 year this game, which is also a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch, has managed to sell around 7 million copies!