Exceptional Beauty: The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities


Beauty is very subjective, don’t you think? What some people might find very appealing, others see it as something repulsive. But one thing I know for sure is that all people are beautiful in their own way. We all come in different shapes and colors because nature gave us all our special appearance. But, as one survey recently revealed, the beauty might be skin deep but there are nationalities that are considered more beautiful than others. If you ever wondered what nation is the sexiest, here is our list of the top 10 countries with exceptionally beautiful people.

Let’s start from bottom to top:

#10 Canadians

If there is one thing that proved the world Canadians are the sexiest, it’s the Notebook movie starring world’s famous heartthrob Rayan Gosling and Canadian sweetheart Rachel McAdams. And again, have you seen the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire? Canada is a multicultural country which is why there are so many beautiful people there. Plus, Canadians are a ridiculously kind and friendly nation which makes them even more attractive and appealing.

Canadians | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#9 English

I don’t know about you but when someone says “Brits” it makes me think about Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch. Who can be more British than these two, right? And it’s not even about the accent (the sexiest accent on Earth, I dare say). There is something mysterious about them. Let alone their weird sense of humor. Is it safe to say that witty is the new sexy?

English | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#8 Armenians

Armenia is a beautiful land. And Armenian ladies are just as beautiful. Take the Kardashians for example. Armenians can thank the Kardashians for placing the Armenian nation on the map of beauty.

Armenians | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#7 Italians

Italians are passionate and emotional, they have exquisite taste and unique eye for fashion. Italian women know how to make a scene out of nothing. Slightly darker skin tone, thick brown hair, sultry nature, this is what makes Italians so attractive.

Italians | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#6 South Africans

South Africa is so diverse and colorful in terms of culture and nature, no wonder it’s sometimes referred to as “The Rainbow Nation”.

South Africans | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#5 Australians

Australia is a surfer nation. And what do we know about surfers? That’s right, that they are super hot and super fit. Plus, Australia gave us Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, and Margot Robbie, so how many more proofs do you need?

Australians | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#4 Brazilians

Thong bikinis, models, beaches, Adriana Lima and Cristiano Ronaldo, you name it! Brazilian men and women have always been on top of the perfect people list.

Brazilians | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#3 Filipinos

Filipinos have always been top scorers. If you watch any Miss World competitions, you’ve probably noticed that Filipino girls always get the highest scores. And who doesn’t have a thing for Bruno Mars, right?

Filipinos | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#2 Danish

There are two things that make the Danish nation so attractive. First, they are descended from the Vikings. And we know that the Vikings took the most beautiful women with them when they were conquering Europe. Second, their food options are much healthier, and they are ridiculously fit.

Danish | The Top 10 Sexiest Nationalities | ZestRadar

#1 Ukrainians

Ukraine gave us Mila Kunis and Mila Jovovich. Is this good enough for you? And it’s not the first time Ukrainians have been named the most beautiful nation. Year after year, Ukraine remains on top of “the most beautiful” list.