This Smog Themed Wedding Proves Smog Themed Weddings Are Weird


Wedding themes baffle me. I have no idea why they’re a thing and why they have to be so utterly ridiculous. I’m of a mind that if you’re going to do it anyway, you might as well go the extra mile to make it good.



These people in Delhi had a themed wedding. The theme for their wedding was “smog mask”.

The shoot is going viral, but it honestly looks pretty eerie to me. It has an almost end-of-the-world vibe. But I guess there’s no love like the love that can survive a global catastrophe. In that sense, the strongest love of all would be cockroaches.



No matter what your opinion on this shoot is, it’s unique. These people will be able to have a very specific wedding album that’ll surprise their friends and family for years to come. That and I can’t wait for the first news article to use one of their pictures in a totally unrelated smog article. Because that’s how news papers work. Just Google “smog” and see what happens. No time for proper research.