This Japanese Grandpa Dresses Better than You


This is, like, the opposite of Macklemore’s “Swift-shopping”. According to his bio, Tetsuya wears his grandson’s clothes. He looks incredible. Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition… It seems like he (or his grandson) has no trouble paying $50 for a T-shirt. I’m quite sure this Japanese grandpa dresses better than you. He definitely dresses better than me.

Squad Goals

Any photo looks great if the person is dressed well, but if they also squat it somehow looks much cooler. I wish I could be in that photo, and I definitely wish I could dress as cool as this grandpa is. With his Burberry top and his Margiela shoes this grandpa is dressed better than I will ever be.

Tetsuya style | Burberry top and Margiela shoes | ZestRadar

Wood Beads

Many grandpas that want to look cool in my country think that a gold chain will do it for them. It will certainly show that they can afford a gold chain, but nobody here knows how to rock it as well as Tetsuya. They don’t have the style or the confidence.

They also don’t know how to pair the wood beads with expensive Louis Vuitton shoes.

Tetsuya style | Louis Vuitton shoes | ZestRadar


Few men can pull off a skirt. There’s Jaden Smith and Young Thug. There’s also this Japanese grandpa. What’s more – it’s a Givenchy skirt! Combined with Poppy Lissiman shades and a Nike X Off White shoes, this “fit” looks absolutely stunning.

Tetsuya style | Nike X Off White shoes | ZestRadar

Fur Hat

Gucci shoes, and Kenzo top! Not to mention that awesome fur hat! I, personally, would love some pictures like this in my old family photo albums, but unless my grandfather loses 20kg and starts wearing Gucci, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Tetsuya style | Gucci shoes and Kenzo top | ZestRadar


Leather jacket, leather pants, black t-shirt. Tetsuya would fit equally well in a biker pub or a punk rock show. I mean, he’d be a little (a lot) over budget with the price of the outfit, but who would care? Sure, it’s nice that he has an Off White jacket and John Lawrence Sullivan glasses, but who cares? Look at all the gold in the background! Opulence – you know he has it.

Tetsuya style | Off White jacket and John Lawrence Sullivan glasses | ZestRadar

Ska much?!

I’m going to be honest here – I’m not a fan of the black-and-white checkered patterns. It gives me flashbacks to the era in the early 00s when all my classmates were listening to ska punk, wearing slip-on Vans shoes, and using “edgy” humor to seem cool. But this? I think Tetsuya is totally pulling it off.

Also the pants are Supreme. Just so you know that he’s next-level cool.

Tetsuya style | slip-on Vans shoes | ZestRadar

Light as a Feather

There’s going to be another picture of Tetsuya in this hat later in the article, but I just wanted to focus a little on how cool this hat looks. It’s from Art Comes First. I’ve seen a lot of much younger and much “cooler” people fail to pull off this hat, but it seems like this grandpa has no trouble at all!

Tetsuya style | Art Comes First hat | ZestRadar

Different Angle

Take the amazing hat, style it with some striking denim, add some Vetements shoes and you’ve got yourself a killer outfit.

Tetsuya style | Art Comes First hat and Vetements shoes  | ZestRadar


There he goes with the golden chain again! There he goes with the hat again! And a shirt with an angry doberman, just so you know this retired chemistry teacher means business and it’s definitely best not to mess around with him!

Tetsuya style | Angry doberman shirt  | ZestRadar


Honestly, I’ve never seen a “farmer” look be pulled off with such aplomb.

Tetsuya style | Plaid shirt  | ZestRadar

Accent Colors

All credit goes to Tetsuya’s grandson who dresses and styles his grandfather and then takes stunning pictures of him. In this particular one I just can’t help but notice how the yellow leaves of the plants match with the yellow stripes on the Homme Plissé pants.

Tetsuya style | Homme Plissé pants  | ZestRadar

Metaphorical Resonance

There’s something very soothing about watching this old man watch the setting sun while his grandson takes a picture of him wearing a Vetements windbreaker. It’s so serene and so chill. And kinda sad. Tetsuya is 86, and the metaphoric resonance of this picture makes me a little emotional.