This Is How You Photoshop Your Childhood Photos!


Meet Conor Nickerson, a supremely talented digital artist, who came up with what could definitely be the best childhood photo-related idea of this decade: using the power of editing, he inserts his present day self inside his childhood pics from the 90’s.


This unique experience helped Conor to enhance his Photoshop skills and pick up some new tricks. Hopefully, his work will inspire more talented artists to come out of the shadows and revamp their childhood photo albums.



1. Look at that! He even found some old clothes to match the 90’s style!



2. He seamlessly photoshops himself… That’s freaking impressive! Also, I have a similar t-shirt, so, yay me!

3. The Zepps poster in the background makes this pic twenty times more awesome.



4. This one’s creepy for some reason. Can’t put my finger on it.

5. Is it still “Men in Black” if it’s the same guy?



6. Happy 19th birthday? Wait… is the cake also from the present? I’m confused.

7. Was there a second lawn chair in the original photo? I wonder…



8. Oh man, playing with your old toys must be so nostalgic.

9. I love all the minute details he did with the shadows.



10. Reliving granny’s XXth birthday would be a hoot and a half!

11. And again, I’m wondering if there was a second chair. Why do I keep doing that?