This Art Is Totally Screwed Up

This guy (or gal) makes art with screws. Yeah. This person literally screws thousands of screws into a board to create a work of art. It looks like it’s a huge amount of work and it takes a lot of trial and error to get the different height and shade differences just right.



I’m not one to judge on the technicality of this, since my art talents never got above drawing stick men (and even those weren’t all that good, really), but this looks like it requires a huge amount of vision and planning. Also, finding a bunch of screws that are just the right shade of rusty.

Making a bunch of screws look like a painting – better than a painting, really – is quite a feat, and we should all hope that this becomes an actual thing that we can enjoy more often. It’s only fair to share talents like these with the rest of us.