This App Turns Male Marvel Actors Into Women


Oh internet, you never cease to amaze me. Someone developed an app called FaceApp, which can – as the name implies – perform sex changing surgery on someone’s face. As you’d expect, it went viral pretty quickly.
The only question that really arises whenever an app like this gets developed, is “who do we use this on first?” Well, we’ve got the answer for you already! The actors from the Marvel movies!


I know, some of these look genuinely scary. For the most part it’s pretty awesome though. Some actors apparently would need very little work if they’d ever decide to become a woman. Other actors should really never even consider swapping their genders, it’s honestly not an improvement. Don’t judge me, you know how Hollywood is when it comes to looks.


It’s safe to say this is part of the future we’re living in. As technology advances, there’s more and more stuff we’re going to be able to do to pictures of people just for the fun of it. After the Marvel superhero actors, the U.S. Presidents were quick to follow and get the FaceApp treatment.


No clue where any of this will end, but for now: enjoy all these Marvel actors becoming women and be sure to keep your eye out for the inevitable next group of people to get FaceApped!


Hugh Jackman (or Jackwoman?)



Mark Ruffalo



Paul Bettany

Tom Hiddleston



Chris Hemsworth

Ryan Reynolds



Robert Downey Jr.



Josh Brolin

Tom Holland



Chris Pratt

Chadwick Boseman



Chris Evans

Jeremy Renner



Dave Bautista