Things You Could Be Buying Instead Of The New iPhone X


It’s no secret to anyone at this point that every year when a new iPhone comes out, the number of what we considered to be the “upper limit” for a single smart phone goes up. This year, with the iPhone X, Apple has reached a new high – they managed to create a phone that people will pay over $1000 for.


So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, it’s a lot of money for a phone. Especially since we all know Apple will render it obsolete in two years tops and force you to buy the iPhone X-3. And that one will probably cost you half a kidney, the name of your firstborn child and a second mortgage.


Anyway, let’s take a look at some things you could be spending that $1000 on. Because who needs a phone anyway.



Death Star Fire Pit
We’ll start this one off strong – you can either choose between a smartphone that doesn’t impress anyone anymore, or a Death Star fire pit that impresses everyone. I’ve made my choice. Price: $1,150



The Entire Texas Roadhouse Menu
The entire menu will cost you a whopping $1,052.64

83 Copies of Shrek The Third
This might sound useless to you, but remember that you’ll still only be using that $1000 dollar phone to check your Facebook notifications. Price: $996

250 Rolls of Toilet Paper
That should last you a while. Price: exactly $1000. Depending on your brand, ofcourse.



A 5 Day Vacation At Disneyland
Bring your Death Star fire pit and make a selfie with Darth Vader. Instant internet legend. Price: about $200 per day, including your food and drinks.

640 KFC Chicken Wings
Considering how KFC is the best thing that can happen to a man, this is a bargain. 640 wings will cost you $999.60

An Xbox One X And PS4 Pro
And you’d still have $100 left over for games. Heaven, here I come!

A King Size Bed
That should be on the top of everyone’s priority list anyway. If you think an overpriced cellphone is more important than a huge bed, you haven’t really been tired before.