Things That Will Happen If The Polar Caps Melt


Just to start off: climate change isn’t a hoax and it’s a very real thing. Summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder, and at this point I doubt there’s much we can do to stop the upcoming catastrophe that will inevitably follow. We can slow it down, sure, but we won’t stop it.

And since everyone’s better off prepared, let’s take a look at some of the things that will happen once the polar caps melt.



Ocean Level Rises
Seems a bit obvious, doesn’t it? All that melted ice has to go somewhere, and where else is there to go but the ocean?



Extreme Weather Will Continue
If you’re currently living in Western Europe, where the drought can be seen from outer space, get ready for more of it! Hotter summers, colder winters, heavier storms. It’s all coming!


People Will Have To Relocate
Apart from the obvious people – the ones in the Arctic – people in coastal regions will probably also have to relocate due to the rising ocean levels. It could even be so extreme that Miami and Shanghai could be entirely wiped off the map.

The Amazon River Will Blow Up
Not literally, but all the melted water would probably flood this river, turning it into a sea that could take up a large part of Brazil’s territory.


Polar Bears Will Die
Since polar bears live on the ice caps, they’ll pretty much starve to death once those melt. Same goes for seals and walruses that live way up north.

Deserts Will Become Larger
It’s not just the ice caps melting – it’s also the crops dying because of droughts. High temperatures usually aren’t very productive for plant life.


Ocean Ecosphere Will Be Unpredictable
Unpredictable in the sense that it will increase massively. Fish will have more food because plankton will take the place of algae, which could lead to fish and sea mammal increases of up to 70%.