These Jobs Can Help You Make Money While Traveling


We all love to travel, but we all dislike being broke. This leads to some problems for most people, since travel is expensive and you’re not getting rich off of reading my articles. Not saying you shouldn’t, just saying this isn’t helping your situation. Get your life together.
Anyway, if you want to travel and get a job so you can sustain your traveling habits, take a look at these jobs instead of your current one. Unless your current one is on the list, in which case you’re doing fine and I take back everything I’ve said about you so far. I didn’t mean to get so personal.



Anything on a Cruise Liner
If you’re not adverse to boats or water, this might be the thing for you. You sail all over the world and you get to do cool jobs like making cocktails or pretending to be someone that does something on a cruise ship.



Flight Attendant
This is the obvious one, isn’t it? It might be the hardest to pull off, since they don’t just allow anyone to be a flight attendant these days, but it could be pretty lucrative!

English Teacher
Well, they need English teachers everywhere, especially in every country where English might be a useful language to master. So apart from some small forest areas in Africa or Southern America, I can’t imagine English teachers not getting a job wherever the heck they want.

Making cocktails is a good line of work in every country.



Well, it allows you to travel. Not sure it might make you a lot of money, but it’ll make you more money than doing nothing, I suppose.

Remote Work
All you’d need is a laptop, which you can bring anywhere, and a Wi-Fi connection, which you can find pretty much anywhere. That means you could work almost anywhere – even abroad!

Hostel Jobs
They have hostels everywhere, and hostels need general staff pretty much everywhere too.



Bank Account Interest
This is only an option if you live in a wealthy country, but you could sell all your stuff and move to a less financially stable part of the world and live off your bank account interests. Never work for a day in your life again – starting today!

International Courier
No, not that kind of courier. The kind that works for webshops. Yes, you can actually bring along stuff from webshops on your flight – it saves the companies a lot of time and money. And they’re willing to pay you for it!