These Are 2020’s Top Travel Trends: Ecolodges, ‘Microcations’, And More


We’ve entered the new decade with a new mind-set – now it’s not so much about where you travel and how many Instagram posts you do while at it, but who you are while travelling and what impact you make. More and more travellers are interested in sustainability and opt for trips that mean something, especially given all the recent climate-change headlines and nature disasters. Here are 2020’s top travel trends that will hit it big in the new year.


Now it’s not at all that prestigious to get on a long-haul flight and travel to the other corner of the world. Yes, beginner travellers still like to go as far as possible, but more experienced ladies and gents are rediscovering their surroundings as they go on microcations – vacations that are cheaper, quicker, and much sweeter than a pricey trip to a faraway land. There is no jetlag, you don’t spend as much money, and there is no ocean between you and home with hours upon hours of flight. Travelling to nearby destinations can be just as exciting!

Microcations | These Are 2020's Top Travel Trends: Ecolodges, 'Microcations', And More | Zestradar


The greener the hotel, the better! Experts reveal that more and more travellers explore properties with a focus on sustainability, proper use of natural resources, and honest recycling. Great example is Islas Secas, a Panama’s eco-resort that is powered via solar energy only.

Ecolodges | These Are 2020's Top Travel Trends: Ecolodges, 'Microcations', And More | Zestradar

Single-use plastics are going away

We may be far from travelling plastic-free, but there are small steps anyone can take while on a trip like taking a reusable coffee cup and water bottle along with them. This will significantly reduce plastic waste during a trip! More and more companies, hotels, resorts come up with ways to go plastic-free. The state of California, for example, has already banned hotels from giving out plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner starting from 2023! Using self-filtering water bottles is yet another way to reduce plastic waste while travelling.

Single-use plastics are going away | These Are 2020's Top Travel Trends: Ecolodges, 'Microcations', And More | Zestradar

Women-only tourism

It seems more and more women are going travelling and if solo travellers have always been out there somewhere exploring the Great Beyond, now the not-so-new trend is going on female-only trips in groups. But not only that! Travel companies reveal that women are highly interested in engaging and supporting other women during their travels, so female guides are hired and special tours are organized so the travellers can engage with local female artisans and even buy their produce.

Women-only tourism | These Are 2020's Top Travel Trends: Ecolodges, 'Microcations', And More | Zestradar

Reconnecting with the nature

If we put together all things of the above, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a new global travelling trend focuses on reconnecting with the nature. Special transformative tours take travellers out in the wild, to the forests, rivers, and beautiful vistas to calm the mind, cleanse the soul, reduce stress, and help unwind. There are even resort chains that specialize in wellness only!

Reconnecting with the nature | These Are 2020's Top Travel Trends: Ecolodges, 'Microcations', And More | Zestradar

Carbon offsetting

The entire travel industry is on fire with the whole carbon offsetting trend. Basically it’s an attempt to balance out gas emissions and pollution that happens during trips due to flights and whatnot. For example, you travel by air, and to reduce the damage done you buy an offset from a rainforest-protecting company that runs a special program to restore forests at a particular region. The main issue is to use a trusted source and follow the program of a certain offset you are buying as they often get stalled or don’t come through due to various reasons. You can call it a half-measure or a way of giving back to the nature, but either way conscious travelling is on the rise!