The “Shithole” Countries Have Tweeted, And It Doesn’t Look Good for Trump


If for some reason you’ve been avoiding the news, as well as the Internet, for the past few days, you may not have heard of Trump’s most recent meltdown dealing with how you describe third world countries like Haiti. In a meeting with lawmakers at the White House, the U.S. President had an audacity to refer to Haiti and African countries as ‘S-holes’. I mean, what’s wrong with our POTUS? Is he actively trying to provoke international conflicts?


Luckily, the so-called ‘shitholes’ do have access to the Internet, and they were not too happy about the big orange bird’s attitude towards their countries. Truth be told, Haiti is one of these marginal places on our planet that just can’t get it together. But these individuals shared their achievements using Twitter (mostly), and inspired their brethren to take up the spears of sarcasm, and shields of wit, to show Trump he’s messing with the wrong crowd.


Let’s see if these brave individuals would be able to shut the FAKE NEWS up, and prove to the nation, founded and ran by the immigrants, that calling other countries inappropriate names is not chill. Let’s go!