The Most Unique Flowers In the World


Is there anything more soothing than walking through nature and looking at lovely flowers? Except for lying on the couch, I can only think of like 3 or 4 other things. And since flowers get a solid spot in the top 10, it seems only natural that we’d give them some more attention.
It’s hard to put a ranking on beauty since that’s a highly personal thing, so it makes more sense to go into the wilds and find the most unique flowers for you to enjoy. Let’s go!



Snap Dragon and Skull
We’ll start off with a weird one: this plant looks like a dragon’s head and the maw closes and opens as you squeeze the plant. Once the flower withers, like heads to, it turns into a skull. Perfect for that Halloween garden!



Corpse Flower
This plant is huge! It’s up to three feet wide, that’s about one meter for people who use a measuring system that makes sense. The reason why it got its name is because it smells like a dead body. Just what you’ve always wanted a big, wide, stinky plant that smells like your uncle Harold’s feet just before he died.

This is quite a fascinating and unique plant. First of all, it eats insects. Second of all, none other than Darwin wrote a whopping 285 pages about this plant. I can’t even write a 3500 word essay so this is a very interesting plant to be sure.

Snake’s Head Fritillary
These flowers have amazing petals. They’re chequered in a way where they almost look like vibrant snakeskin. By the way: the Latin word “fritillus” means “dice box”, so it’s no big mystery how this flower got its name.



Buddhist Udumbara
Buddhist legends claim this flower only blossoms once every 3000 years. It was only discovered in 2010, so we should feel lucky for being alive at a time when the Udumbara blooms! By the way, “udumbara” is a Sanskrit word that means “auspicious flower from heaven”.

Lithops Weberi
This flower is pretty amazing, because it can disguise itself as a bunch of rocks to avoid getting eaten by animals. This is the Solid Snake of the plant world.

Sea Poison Tree
These little guys look a bit like pompoms, if you’d tie a bunch of them together. As the name pretty much implies, every part of this flower is very much poisonous. All of it.



Pitcher Plant
While it looks like a pitcher and it can hold water, it only holds water to trap insects and dissolve them completely. Yeah. Plants are brutal.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid
No mystery on how this beauty got its name – it actually kind of looks like a slipper or a shoe.