The Most Stressful Jobs In The World


We all think our job’s the worst. It’s human nature. Even people that don’t have jobs think their job is the worst. But do we really have it as bad as we think? Well, not really.


It’s become somewhat of a problem of our generation to feel stressed out and treated worse than other people, but according to a scientific survey, these are the jobs that are rated as the most stressful.



Taxi Driver
If you think being in traffic all the time isn’t stressful, do some introspection the next time you take your car out for a spin. Traffic sucks.



Senior Corporate Executive
Yup, your boss that you think does nothing actually has a more stressful job than you. I mean, he/she probably gets paid 10 times as much as you do, but has more stress. That’s what matters here.

PR Executive
I’m guessing being a PR executive for Trump’s team would rank even higher on this list. But being responsible for someone’s reputation in the public eye is harder than most of us think.



News Anchor
It’s a live gig in front of the camera, being watched by millions of people. If something goes wrong, you’re entirely on your own and have to fix it fast. There’s no “I’ll do that tomorrow” for news anchors.

Newspaper Reporter
Loads of deadlines, long hours, horrible pay, heavy competition, hostile working environments, … And all for that once-in-a-lifetime scoop!



Event Coordinator
People going to events are generally horrible, and they’ll all be nagging your ears off if something goes wrong. Caterer too late? Your fault. Tables not set up properly? Your fault. Someone fell down the stairs? Your fault.

Police Officer
No one’s surprised this is a top-ranking stressful job, right?

Airline Pilot
Do you have a job where a single mistake can kill over 200 people? Because airline pilots do.



I mean, all you have to do for a living is come face to face with a natural force that destroys everything in its path. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Military Personnel
Congratulations, your job is getting shot at by your colleagues. It might not be much, but it earns you the top spot on this list!