The Most Iconic Buildings Around The World


Architecture can be quite fascinating. Just try to imagine your design shaping an entire skyline, and maybe even reaching the status where everyone around the world can identify your building. Of course no one would know it’s actually yours, let alone recognize you on the streets. But you’d know, and that’s what matters.
If you’re thinking of picking up the noble profession of designing buildings, here’s a few where they went beyond the “square with a triangle on top” thing most architects do and created a truly unique building.



Buckingham Palace
Well, you’d need quite a bit of luck to be hired for a job like this, but it’s possible! If they ever plan to rebuild it, that is. Don’t see why they should, but don’t let your dreams be dreams.



Taj Mahal
This temple is also one of the Earth’s architectural wonders, so I guess it had to stand out somehow to avoid confusion, right?

Empire State Building
This building was famous before it was climbed by King Kong, and it’s still shaping the New York skyline like nothing else.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Proving how you don’t need to do a perfect job in order to make an impact, this tower pulls in loads of tourists every year. And of course they all have to make a silly picture while they’re there.



The Shard
This building pops out of the ground in London like, well, a huge shard of glass. The name wasn’t exactly very inventive. It’s a beautiful, beautiful building though.

St. Basil’s Cathedral
The typical Red Square cathedral in Moscow is so unique it’s only ever confused with the castle from Disneyland.

Sydney Opera House
Even if you’ve never been to Sydney or to the opera, you know what this building looks like. It’s one of the most unique and beautiful buildings of the 20th century and beyond.



Space Needle
This architectural marvel can be found in Seattle, Washington. The height of it isn’t the impressive part – it’s how ridiculously thin it is. And It’s got a flying saucer on top of it! I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason to come to Seattle, but boy is it a good one!

Burj Khalifa
We may not be able to pronounce this thing or remember its name, but we sure as hell know about that almost-one-kilometer tall tower in Dubai. Those people do architecture right.