The Most Beautiful Cars of the 20’s and 30’s


Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful cars that were built in those golden years.

If we think about the decades where cars had the most class and style to them, it probably has to be the roaring twenties and the thirties. Where cars right now can look awesome and downright futuristic, there’s a certain sense of style that got lost once cars were mass-produced for the general audiences.

Duesenberg Model J

In 1928, Duesenberg made the Model J which was without a doubt one of the most beautiful cars of its time. Just look at those amazing slick lines and those lovely wheels. Everything about this car oozes style and class.

Auburn 851 SC Boattail Speedster

Built in 1935, this car is pretty much everything you imagine when someone talks about a wonderful 30’s car. Like the Duesenberg it has those amazing wheels and those beautiful, beautiful lines that just round out an already amazing car.

Bugatti Type 35B Grand Prix

Bugatti has been building some of the best cars money can buy, and this 1925 model is just no different. The 35B looks simple enough, but it’ll turn eyes everywhere you go.

Talbot-Lago T-150C SS Goutte d’Eau

Constructed in 1937, this car still looks futuristic by modern standards. One can only imagine how much of a shock factor this car caused back in the 30’s!

Rolls Royce Phantom I Jonckheere Coupe

This 1925 car is just amazing, in one word. It looks so slick and stylish, almost futuristic for its time and I’m sure she drives like a dream.

Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK Trossi Roadster

This car was built in 1930 and already shows much of the sleek Mercedes design they’re still using in their modern vehicles. The car has almost no straight lines and everything looks like it was constructed with nothing but a love for cars.

Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster

This car is the ultimate 1936 convertible. Pop the roof down, put on some lovely 30’s music, and just ride wherever you want to go.

Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Mille Miglia

The “Mille Miglia” was built in 1938 and that makes it the most modern car on this list. This car is just the pinnacle of what this period in time had to offer in terms of visuals. This car looks like you just want to immediately get in and start going for a “Mille Miglia” road trip.