The Greatest World Cup Moments Ever


With the World Cup currently taking over the world of sports, it seems like everyone is an expert on football now. While, naturally, we all cheer for our own countries, we just want to see nice goals and unforgettable moments.


Football has a history so rich, it only makes sense to dig deep and take a look at some of the best moments football has given us – for various reasons.



Diego Maradona’s Hand of God Goal, 1986
This one is pretty timeless. Diego Maradona denied making this goal with his hand for many years, only recently admitting it was indeed his hand and not the “Hand of God”. He also mentioned not regretting doing it.



Roberto Carlos’ Physics Defying Free Kick, 1997
Till this day, no one has figured out how that ball swerved the way it did.

Zidane’s Headbutt, 2006
An epic moment, but for all the wrong reasons. We’ll always remember Zidane slowly walking past the World Cup into the catacombs after his red card for his infamous headbutt on Materazzi.

The Birth of the Cruyff Turn, 1974
It doesn’t happen too often that a move is named after a player, but Johan Cruyff pulled it off. He has his back to the goal and was tightly marked, so what else could he do but invent the Cruyff turn?



Germany Humiliating Brazil, 2014
7-1. I doubt there’s more I can say here, the numbers speak for themselves.

Ronaldo Plays After Epileptic Attack, 1998
One of football’s biggest moments of shame – Brazil’s Ronaldo “El Fenomeno” played against France in the world cup mere moments after having had an epileptic seizure. Needless to say, the star player who had been one of the best players in the tournament failed massively during the match.

The Curse of the Victor
Not exactly one moment, this one, but it’s worth mentioning. In the 21st century alone, for four times now has the previous World Cup winner been eliminated in the group phase. Germany was no exception this year.

Bergkamp’s Magical Goal, 1998
Dennis Bergkamp was known for his impeccable technique and his 1998 goal against Argentina is perfect proof of that. If you saw the goal, you can’t ever unsee the beauty that it is.