The First Transgender Model Just Made The Elle US Cover Page


Diversity is a topic that’s gaining more and more traction among the mainstream media in the last few years.



I think that’s an evolution we can all be grateful for. There’s no reason to not include all layers of society in our magazines and journals.



Elle US has always been a magazine that quickly embraced this new paradigm, but now they’ve finally made the big leap: they put the first transgender model on their cover page.

Her name is Indya Moore and she’s an American actress and model. Where previously the Brazilian and UK editions of Elle magazine had starred trans models on the cover page, Indya is the one to break the bond for the US.



And of course, the magazine features an interview of Indya where she goes into great detail about her struggle of becoming the wonderful woman she is today. She was born masculine and raised as a Jehovah’s witness, which meant she didn’t have much support when she came out as trans.

Indya’s youth helped form her into the strong woman she’s now become. I think we can all as a society be happy that mainstream magazines like Elle are now allowing women that weren’t born as a woman on their cover.



It’s a wonderful thing that we’re evolving into a society where people can become the people that they want to be, not the people they were born to be. Hurrah for modern society!