The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign


We turn to the stars to build healthy relationships and find the most suitable jobs for us, but what about choosing a pet? It appears Astrology has something to say on this matter, too! Your Zodiac sign reveals numerous traits of your personality that usually go unnoticed, and this is exactly what you need to pay attention to when picking out a pet.  If you and your pet are a perfect match then your whole life will become filled with more light, fun, and care. Pets also make us forget about stress, bringing love and joy to our everyday activities. Here is your perfect pet, according to your Zodiac sign.


Aries people are sociable and highly energetic, that’s why they need a pet that will fully match their personality. They also like to move around a lot, that’s why a dog would fit perfectly in their daily routine, preferably a puppy – they will keep each other busy for the most part of the day. Aries also likes to be out a lot doing various things, that’s why the pet should also be able to stay at home on its own. Well, you might consider mixing that puppy with an older cat so they keep each other company while you’re out doing your thing!

Aries | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Taurus has a somewhat mellow and gentle nature with a slight hint of laziness, so high-maintenance pets are out of the question. A fluffy and endearing silky-soft rabbit would definitely melt your heart, but do look into cats first – a British Shorthair or a Russian Blue with their plush fur will bring you endless joy for sure.

Taurus | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Gemini likes to think a lot and to talk even more. A slow, grounded pet is definitely not for you – it’s better if you go for an airy, agile parrot, the one that can actually talk. A bird-like that will keep you entertained for hours! You might even end up having an intelligent conversation with the feathery friend, who knows. You can also look into smarter breeds of dogs – you will bond on a deep level and become true friends.

Gemini | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Cancer has a loving and caring nature that craves to nurture something or someone 24/7. That’s why you need an animal that will fit that bill exactly – a stay-at-home, sweet, cuddly kitty that will become your best friend. Cats may not require that much attention, but they do need love just as much as any other type of pet. They will answer with endless purring, loving, and cuddling.

Cancer | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Leo has a regal nature and likes to show off a bit (or a lot, depending on the person). You will be most happy with a pet that is somewhat exotic, possessing features similar to yours. A peculiar Bengal cat will satisfy your craving for something different and beautiful at the same time. If you can pull off having an iguana or a horse – go for it! These pets will make you truly happy.

Leo | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Virgo likes everything to be clean and in perfect order. Having a dog or a cat might be a bit bothersome for you as they create mess literally everywhere. Think about something small and simple – a few fish may not be all that emotional, but they will brighten up your den with their beauty. A cute hamster can also become your best friend.

Virgo | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Libra loves all things beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is really important for you to have a pet that will fit into your lifestyle perfectly and will look great while doing so. A gorgeous moody Persian definitely fits the description, as well as an aquarium filled with vibrant exotic fish. But apart from looking good, your pet needs to be cuddly and loveable, that’s why a fluffy Angora rabbit might be your best choice.

Libra | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Scorpio enjoys a good mystery and likes to glance into the darkness more often than any other sign. You won’t settle for a sweet mellow pet – you’d rather have an edgy, cold-hearted boa constrictor on the premises of your home. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be the coolest experience ever. If snakes are a bit too much, think about having a lizard. An owl will also bring joy to your mystery-loving heart.

Scorpio | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Sagittarius has the most adventurous nature out of all Zodiac signs, making it hard to choose a pet. Even the most low-maintenance pets require some attention, which means you can’t wander off into the mountains for two weeks, leaving your cat or dog behind. One thing you can do is just take your gorgeous husky or lab with you on an adventure! You might also like to own a horse and keep it somewhere in a stable where it’ll be taken care of while you go on exploring the world.

Sagittarius | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Capricorn is one of the most hardworking of all Zodiac signs. You enjoy work and like spending time doing what you love, but you also have a nurturing side that craves something warm and fluffy to take care of. You will be happy with a sweet pup that will become your true friend, but a cute guinea pig or hamster will also lighten up your home and make you feel cosy. 

Capricorn | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Aquarius loves freedom more than anything else, which makes choosing a pet a bit challenging for you. Nevertheless, you tend to like animals over people, that’s why there is always some critter hanging out in your home, be it an unusual iguana or an independent cat that likes to spend time outdoors. You are drawn to weird pets like ferrets, but keep it in mind that the more exotic the pet, the more attention it needs.

Aquarius | The Best Pet According To Your Zodiac Sign | Zestradar


Pisces are emotional and need to feel loved just as much as they need to take care of someone. You will feel exceptionally calm with a bunch of peaceful fish swimming around a huge aquarium, but if you want someone to play with a cat will be your perfect match. Go for calm cat breeds like Siamese, Ragdoll, or Birman. A cat-like that will become your perfect companion, spreading chill vibes all over your house.