Talented Artist From Japan Creates The Most Amazing Bird Latte Art


Ku-san is a self-taught Latte artist from Japan who creates the most adorable and colorful bird illustrations. Her work has gone viral when she decided to combine her passion for coffee and Latte art with her love for birds – parrots in particular.

Initially inspired by her own pet, pink Bourke’s parrot named Sakura, she now creates illustrations of all sorts of birds, like sparrows and cocktails. She even takes requests from other bird owners who kindly ask her to turn their feathered babies into caffeinated masterpieces.

Ku-san updates her social media regularly, so you can follow her on Instagram to add some birdy cuteness to your Instagram feed.

As you scroll through her Instagram page, you can clearly tell she would never get enough of her pet bird Sakura. And why would she? Just look at this cute face!

Bird Latte Art #1 | Zestradar

Speaking of details, just take a look at all those lines. Ku-san works with such accuracy and precision trying to capture the character of every bird.

Bird Latte Art #2| Zestradar

To add colors to her paintings, she uses spices of various colors, sometimes blending some of them together in order to get the color or specific shade she needs.

Bird Latte Art #3 | Zestradar

This is obviously one of those requested art pieces. Ku-san has been taking requests from other bird owners to do their pet.

Bird Latte Art #4| Zestradar

The resembles is uncanny!

Bird Latte Art #5 | Zestradar

And here’s another one

Bird Latte Art #6 | Zestradar

I just love these “before/after” images, or should I say “original/caffeinated”?

Bird Latte Art #6 | Zestradar

If you thought that making Latte art is the only talent Ku-san has, you couldn’t be more wrong. Turns out Ku-san is really hardcore into crocheting and felting…

Bird Latte Art #7 | Zestradar

And baking! And, of course, everything is all birds with this lady. Does one of these buns look like one of the Angry Birds to you, or is it just me?

Bird Latte Art #7 | Zestradar

Here’s Sakura admiring her master’s work. So adorable!

Bird Latte Art #8 | Zestradar

Not everything is about parrots. Ku-san does love drawing other birds too, like this cute little sparrow in the image on the left.

Bird Latte Art #9 | Zestradar

I really enjoy how she uses the colors. Green, white, and a few black and pink bits, they make such a rich palette. Or blue birdy on the white-brownish background, it just works!

Bird Latte Art #10 | Zestradar

Aww… she even kept the stick the birdy is sitting on!

Bird Latte Art #11 | Zestradar

Ku-san gets inspired with pretty much anything that is somehow related to birds.

Bird Latte Art #12 | Zestradar

Using steamed milk and a metal needle, Ku-san turns a regular latte art into an adorable bird illustration that is just too cute to drink, don’t you think?