Structures And A Tunnel Built Around Trees


Building something is never easy. If you’re like me and you’ve played either The Sims or Simcity, you know this. There’s so many factors to take into account, it’s enough to drive someone insane. But I guess that’s why engineers and architects spend such a long time to get their degree – right?


Anyway, sometimes nature screws you over sideways and you have to build your building around a tree. Why? This is 2018, we don’t just go cutting trees anymore! There’s hardly any left of them as it is.


Let’s take a look at some buildings that were – intentionally or not – built around trees. Because trees are cool!



A Yellow Tree House In New Zealand
This treehouse is built around a 40 meter high redwood tree! Sounds like fun if you’re not afraid of heights.



A Train Station In Japan
Next stop: a damn tree.

A Library In France
I hope I’m not the only one to see the irony of thousands of pages of paper being collected around the very thing that paper is made of.



A Glass House In Kazakhstan
What better way to kill that tree than to put it in a glass house in a warm country.



A Minister’s Treehouse In The USA
This church is over 100 feet tall and was built over the course of 11 years. That’s dedication!

A Teahouse In Japan
And yes, the view is probably nothing short of amazing.



A Restaurant In Brazil
Can’t really see myself eating there in stormy weather.

A Road In Brazil
I mean, if you’re gonna build a restaurant around it, a road seems only fair.



A Kindergarten In Japan
Considering how smart and/or crazy Japan is, this really isn’t all that surprising.



A 4Treehouse In Canada
This was designed by Lukasz Kos and looks almost surreal.

A Bar In The USA
Leave it to the USA to be in this situation and think “people should be able to drink beers here”.



An Airbnb In Spain
Going to Spain and thinking of being an Airbnb host? We’ve found a perfect house for you! And it’s pretty cheap too!

A House In Brazil
Fine, Brazil loves trees. We get it.



A Sequoia Tree In The USA
Sadly this one is no longer among us. California’s iconic ‘Tunnel Tree’ was toppled down by the storm, but we’ve all seen this famous tunnel tree at some point during our voyages on the internet.