Scott Scheidly’s Fabulous Photo Series “The Pinks”


Art, like almost everything else in this word, is subjective, so just to be clear, you can not like it but we think that Scott Scheidly’s art is hypnotic and you definitely should draw your attention to it!
So, let’s start off with the whole “Pink” theme. Scott Scheidly takes celebrities, politicians or famous historical figures and transforms them into their pink nightmare clones.



Some of his works feel almost surreal! And after looking at all those fabulous shades of pink, some of you may feel a bit sick. That’s all good, it’s a natural reaction to the pink overdose, and all you need to do is listen to some death metal for a few minutes to clear your head. If, however, you enjoy that sensation, just keep scrolling!











Unarguably, some of Scott’s portraits are quite amusing, like Chris Reeve’s Superman, or Joseph Stalin’s commie Mario, for example, but that’s probably because they are sort of nerdy. For the most part, however, his works miss the target, for me personally.











At least Scott’s work sparks conversations, which in itself is very important for the artist. You can’t have only the good or only the bad, it’s always a mix, and from what I’ve read about Scott, he enjoys making people laugh, but also appreciates negative feedback. In his own words: “As long as I’m making individuals think outside the box I’m happy”, and I couldn’t agree more with that statement!