Russian Artist Draws Countries As Warriors and They Look Unbelievable!


Have you ever wondered what a certain country would look like if it was a person? You know, with their cultural nuances, stereotypes, and stuff like that, but all of it neatly integrated into an amazingly looking character? Well, neither have I, but this Russian artist, Anastasia Bulgakova, decided to apply her skills and draw the personifications of different countries… in a form of warriors. Some with shields, others with badass swords, but all of them simply stunning.


Try to figure out which character represents which country. Each of them is fairly unique and has some stereotypical features and attributes that are dead giveaways, if you’ve got a keen eye and a sharp mind. For example you’ll recognize you’re looking at Ms. America, when you see the colors and the stripes, as well as the cowboy hat and a pair of sniper rifles behind her back. Really digging her work!



1. Hockey, maple leaf, and he looks like he’s sorry…That’s definitely Canada.



2. Remember, we talked about her a minute ago? Guns, cowboy hat, star-spangled legs… That’s America!

3. Judging from the color scheme, this must be Japan.



4. Apparently, this sleek rapier-wielding, handsome devil is a French vampire.

5. Probably my favorite design, to be honest. This chick right here is supposed to represent Aztec/Mayan cultures, and she looks gorgeous.



6. Clearly, that’s a Jinn (or a “genie”), so… some Arabic country. Iran, that’s right!

7. I know Russia when I see one! The design of her armor is fabulous, yet practical, and that’s scary.

So, anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this little gallery. And now go give Anastasia a high five for a job well done. You can find her other pieces on ArtStation and Behance.



8. Who’s this punk with an English bulldog? Yes, it’s England, naturally. But where’s the tea and corgis?

9. Her Star of David necklace says us it must be Israel.



10. And finally, we have our last participant – the War Machine! High-tech battle armor, assault rifles, devilish design… that’s definitely Germany right there!