Parkland Students Are Doing Clear Bags Right


As we’ve all heard, there had recently been a tragic school shooting in the USA. It’s something you can expect when your gun laws are as, well, non-existent as they are, but it’s a tragedy nonetheless. In a bold move, it was announced that in order to prevent this from happening and to increase the safety of the children, they would be forced to wear clear bags to school. And, as you do, the students took it to the next level.



They used the clear bags to make a statement. Clear bags do nothing to protect students (unless they’re bulletproof), so they decided to put all kinds of notes and stuff that republicans don’t like in it. Some of the best stuff found in the bags are tampons, condoms, a note saying “drugs”, … You name it, the Parkland students got it.

The point they’re trying to make, of course, is that this isn’t a solution at all. If we want to protect schools and the people attending them, we don’t need to treat the students like the criminals. We don’t need to arm the teachers. I know Americans love their guns, but it’s time to let go. This isn’t the Wild West anymore. Get some of that gun control, treat yourself. Be better.