Not-So-Silly Reasons Aliens Might Actually Exist


Since the days of realising there’s more out there than the Eurasian continent, mankind has wondered if there’s life on other planets. While no real scientific evidence has been found and most theories can be put neatly in the “speculation at best” box, we also have no reason to assume that humanity would be alone in the universe. If nothing else, the notion would be pretty silly.


Since hard proof doesn’t exist, let’s take a look at some arguments that can at least open the possibility of alien life.



The Math Allows It
Our universe is literally immeasurable. Even if we’d say 1 planet out of every 10 billion has sustainable life on it, surely there have to be 20 billion planets out there somewhere. Most estimates put us at about 2 to 3 trillion planets in our galaxy. And we’d be the only one with life on it?



Ancient Astronauts
By now we’ve all heard the multiple theories of people coming from space to jumpstart mankind’s evolution – be it biological or technological. Considering how quickly mankind evolved, it’s not entirely implausible to consider that we might have gotten help.

Water Is Almost Everywhere
And water is life!

Not All Life Has To Be Water-Based
So not-water could also be life! Double whammy!

Close Encounters
Granted, most of these come from hillbilly farmers in the deep south of the United States of Trumpilvania, but it’s possible that at least one of those stories actually happened, right?

Supernovae Create Life
Essentially, we’re all star people, made out of star dust. On a molecular level, I mean. Supernovae still happen all the time, and the molecules set free by these huge explosions are often the same molecules that all life on Earth is based on.

Maybe Our Galaxy Is The Weird One
Sure, it’s weird that our galaxy only has one planet with sustainable, intelligent life on it. Sounds like a one-off, doens’t it? But what if our galaxy is literally the only one that’s so dead. Other galaxies could be thriving with life and consider ours to be dead.