Nicolas Cage And Japan Just Reinvented Movie Marketing


Alright, if I say “weirdest actor” and “weirdest country”, the obvious answers are “Nicolas Cage” and “Japan”. No one even doubts this anymore. And now, for the first time since anyone can remember, they’ve joined forces and turned the weirdness up a notch.



Apparently, Nic Cage has a new movie coming up. I hadn’t heard of it and I stopped caring about his movies 15 years ago. But for the marketing, they literally put Nicolas Cage’s head on some candy bars. And yes, it looks as magnificent as it sounds.

The movie is apparently called “Army of One” and it’s about Nicolas Cage taking a movie role no one else really wanted. In order to promote the movie, the Japanese umaibou puffed corn sticks were rebranded to “Nicola sticks” because just putting his face on them wasn’t obvious enough.



As for now, the sticks are only available in movie theaters when you buy an advance ticket for the movie – which the Japanese also retitled to “Bin Laden Is My Prey”. Don’t ask me why. It’s set to release in December and is currently having some premiere things going on. The movie doesn’t look like it’ll be worth it, but at least the marketing surrounding it was top notch. Kudos to Japan and Nic Cage for doing this.