Monsoon Project: Ecret Illustrations Could Someday Brighten Roads of Seoul When It Rains!


We all hate the rain, right? When the nasty, wet weather hits your clean sneakers, all that mess around and gloomy days – yuk!
But here’s a thing, South Korean designers want to paint streets with incredible pictures. The Monsoon Project is created to bright-out Seoul’s rainy season, which can last several weeks. All these street art paintings are invisible until it gets wet.
They are going to use special hydro-chromatic paint to transform rainy days into a holiday. Just imagine the streets full of colors and unbelievable drawings.
These streets look like they are alive where everything is glittering and shinning, so even when it’s raining the street art will make you smile. This project is inspired by South Korea’s culture, that’s why you can see a lot of painting with rivers, whales, turtles and fish.


This water activated paint takes the street art to a whole new level.
Everyone can enjoy the rain and feel positive vibes while gazing at these beautiful drawings.
We hope this cool idea will catch on in all the big cities around the world, because we are living in an amazing time when our creativity walks hand in hand with progress. These fantastic innovations show us new futuristic ways of self-expression.
Don’t worry about the rain, because now it’s time to meet a rainbow.



Stay tuned!