Life Hacks For People That Stay In Hotels A Lot


Life can be quite intimidating if you’re rich enough to travel all over the place. And probably the most horrible part about the experience will be the hotel room you’re staying in. It’s often very small, hardly ever looks cosy and the quality of your bed can be a swing and a miss.



What your hotel room does have, however, is loads of items that may seem mundane at first, but can help you get some stuff done without having to spend money or having to rely on room service. Let’s take a look at some cheap hotel room life hacks.



Boiled Eggs In Your Kettle
Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? This will allow you to have all the delicious boiled eggs your heart desires without having to pay an arm and a leg for a dinner.



Charge Your Phone On The TV
Thanks, USB ports everywhere! No longer do we have to remember to bring our chargers whenever we’re on vacation.

Wash Your Clothes In The Sink
Laundry service? That’s for rich people! Just wash those clothes in the sink like any normal person would do. It’s cheaper!

Steam Clothes In The Bathroom
Hanging an item of clothing right before you take a shower or a bath should un-wrinkle your clothes just fine. Unless you’re one of those cold shower people, in which case this probably doesn’t work for you.



Use A Cup As A Speaker
You’ve probably heard of this one already, but putting your phone inside a cup will turn that cup into a small speaker. Just in case you want to be absolutely sure you won’t hear the wild nightly adventures the next room is having. Or you just happen to like music. That’s also an option.

Make Toast With Your Iron
Wrap your slices of bread in some foil and “iron” it – your toast will turn out real nice and crisp.

Steam Veggies In Your Coffee Maker
Because we all know that veggie cravings are far more prevalent than coffee cravings.

Use a Towel As Air Conditioning
Just hang a wet towel near an open window. The water will evaporate and spread itself through the room, cooling the air in it.