Justin Peters Does Amazing Things With Photoshop


I know what you’re thinking – oh great, another Photoshop wizard. Well, this one is different. Justin Peters is a German self-taught digital surrealist artist. That’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, it essentially means that he creates surrealistic art with nothing but Photoshop and his own imagination. There, a lot easier, wasn’t it?

They often say that human imagination has no limits, and this is definitely true for Justin. The way he plays with imagery is quite unique and it does give a vibe of a “digital Dali” because of his surrealistic approach. The general idea behind his work is to create a new reality that helps people understand that everything is possible when you put your mind to it. He lives by Picasso’s wise words, saying “everything you can imagine is real”.

Justin has an Instagram page that you should follow if you want to keep yourself in the loop. Since his imagination appears to be near limitless, it’s fair to assume his work will be equally limitless. Prepare to be bombarded with digital surrealistic art for years to come! Justin’s only 22, so there’ll be much more where that came from.