Johan Karlgren, The Astonishing Pixel Vandal!


Rainy weather, summer heat, or February snow storms would be a lot more enjoyable if Johan Karlgren aka Pappas Pärlor‘s creations were actually out there on the streets. Sorry, you don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? This genius digital artist from Sweden is famous for creating interactive street art, which should immediately brighten up anyone’s day. He takes inspiration from movies, cartoons, TV shows, and retro video games, and you can clearly tell that he loves what he’s doing.


Till this day I’m not 100% sure if those pixelated characters are real cut-outs, or he’s just been altering the photos. That’s how amazing his skills are. Enough chit-chat, let’s finally see some of Johan’s Pixel Art!



1. Duck Hunt in 3D? Hell yeah!



2. Not sure if this is an angry Hulk or a green Terminator.

3. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!

4. That’s the cutest Pokemon invasion I’ve ever seen.



5. Aww, Lickitung is thirsty <3



6. Please, just tell me where to buy these!



7. Head-first into a wet block of concrete? It’s a-Mario alright.

8.This post is here to protect and serve.



9. How to make art better? Just add a Pokemon.



10. Who’s got the blue shell?!

11. I don’t even remember how the Cookie Monster sounds…



12. We could have our own pet Gyarados? Sign me up!



13. Hello, Georgie! That’s a nice boat you got…



14. Time to get the Master Sword!

15. Oh man, this one’s my favorite. Everything about this photo just screams “FUN!”



16. Simpson noping out is a modern classic.



17. We all float here, Georgie!

18. You’re fast, Sonic, but can you run on water?



19. Let’s call this one “Spidey Swing”



20. Murph, are you okay? You look like a Diglett.