Jobs That Are Likely To Disappear In The Future


With the evolutions technology is going through right now – especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and robotics – it’s safe to assume that a lot of jobs will be a lot rarer or even non-existent in the future. No matter how much we all love our jobs, the sad truth is that some of us are actually perfectly replaceable by a robot right now.
But how can you know which jobs have the highest risk of fading out? If you’re in any of the jobs below, you might have the biggest chance of seeing your line of work overtaken by our cybernetic overlords.



Taxi Driver
Face it, with all the development being put into self-driving cars, these guys probably have 20 years left. Tops.



Some of the stores in my city have already started replacing part of the cashier with a machine that collects your money and gives you change. All they need now is a robot to say “hello” and we’re good to go.

Fighter Pilots
Let’s be honest, drones are far more efficient. And there’s no risk for loss of human life. There’s also no risk of anyone having a wickedly cool job, but we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it.

Newspaper Delivery
Welcome to the digital age! Also, environment is a big item now so no paper is even better than recycled paper!



It’s just scanning books and putting them back where they belong according to a well-defined system. It’s one of the easiest things for a robot to do.

Bank Staff
Pretty much everyone does their own transactions from a smartphone app these days, right?

Do people still send letters? The only thing the postman brings me are bills, and I’m perfectly fine with missing a few of those.



Personal Assistant
It’s called a smartphone. Seriously, if all you have to do is make appointments for someone else, you’re a smartphone. A really expensive smartphone that doesn’t run any nice apps.

Customer Service
Not only can an AI be programmed to interpret your question and give a very easy answer, you can even program the robot to not be burnt out after a few months of having people yell at you for 40 hours a week. What a time to be alive!