Jake Koehler – the most popular scuba diver on YouTube


Jake Koehler, 27 grew up in Huntington Beach, California. Surfing has been his hobby since early childhood. He knew the waves well and called the ocean his second home. However, that was not enough – he always knew he would become famous one day. This is why, back in 2011, Jake launched his YouTube channel.

What made this guy a star some 8 years ago? Koehler had the idea that gaming videos could bring him some profit, but unfortunately the channel was lost among thousands of similar ones. Coincidentally Jake fell in love with diving around that time and it gave him a new idea. The gear cost a fortune and was too pricey for a teenager those days. He needed a fortune to fund his new beloved hobby, so Jake started sharing footage of his underwater adventures.

Later on he worked out the concept that attracted the most people – having followers ask him questions about treasures. Had he seen any? Could he show some videos of his findings? Koehler decided to try and went on his very first treasure hunt. The footage received thousands of likes and brought him a bunch of new followers.

His destiny had been decided. Today he explores various parts of the Chattahoochee River in order to find treasures that were lost, and are now resting at the bottom. Jake manages to get into the most isolated corners of the river where even fishing is impossible. He uses his diving knife to cut his way through the many various obstacles.

This guy risks his life to get to the places where the most interesting lost items are resting – just waiting for Jake to come and get them. Over the past few years he has become a professional scuba diver and has found a bunch of cool things: Go-Pro cameras, iPhones, Android smartphones, jewels, wallets with cash and credit cards, guns, drones, the very first Macintosh computer, watches, spinners, glasses and even more!

Jake doesn’t make his living from his finds. Instead he has approximately 7 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of views for every piece of footage he posts there. He is proof that it’s easy to make impressive profits from a channel like this. Enough to live on, and new gear. Additionally all the treasures he finds go back to their owners when he can identify them.

But one of his recent finds caused Ohio State to name a special day after him. Recently he shared footage a sunken trunk being pulled out of the water. The video soon became #4 of YouTube’s most watched list. Shortly thereafter one of his followers reached out to the city of Columbus to tell local authorities a few facts about Jake. The unknown guy proposed that the least the city administration could do was to name day after Koehler.

Soon Jake received a call: “They asked if I’d like to have an official day and told me it would be on October 2, 2019. I was just speechless. I was like I’m gonna have my own day”. So, it’s all official now. They have a day every year to celebrate this guy.