Italian Artist Uses Makeup to Transform His Face Into a 3D Work of Art


If our perception of things depended solely on what we see, how would we tell what is real and what is fake? Artists use the art of illusion to trick our minds and make us believe in unbelievable.


Having strong drawing skills and having an artistic mindset in general give you an ability to bring fantasies to life and make a certain impact on a viewer. And it doesn’t matter whether your area of specialty is design and painting or you are just a makeup artist, it’s your ability to revive the images and fantasies born in your mind that matters. A good make-up artist, for example, can make you look like a princess, all thanks to the clever art of makeup, or they can turn you into a terrifying monster by using the same art of makeup.



This may come as a surprise but makeup can be used not only for cosmetic purposes. The artist we would like you to meet is an Italian genius who goes by the name Luca Luce and creates mind-boggling 3D optical illusions with nothing but makeup. This is what we call “taking playing with perspective to a whole new level of awesomeness.”


Luca has been working as a TV makeup artist for almost two decades now, but he just started creating optical illusions in 2014. At first, he started with his own hands.



Lateron, Luca decided to go further and started using his head and face as a canvas for his works. And the result has been driving people crazy since then. He has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and this number just keeps growing day by day. It looks like people just can’t get enough of his mind-blowing art!


Luca says that his inspiration comes from pretty much anything – it could be a regular cotton bud or a fantasy creature that came to him in his dream. He just loves creating illusions.


The artist admits though that he has never attended an art school but he really loves makeup and 3D art. That is why he tried to practice on his hands first. When he got better with his painting skills, he decided he would try out painting his face.



The time spent to create a piece is always different. Luca admits that it all depends on the size and the amount of details. He would spend about half an hour on a job like a tiny hamster resting on his hand, but it can take up to two hours to paint something more complex, like Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas movie etc.