Is The World’s Largest Picture Frame In Dubai Worth The Hassle?


Dubai is a pretty freaking sweet place, even if you’re traveling there with a limited budget. Did you know that only a few decades ago Dubai was 90% sand and soul-scorching nothingness, with just a couple of buildings here and there?



In the past 30 years the city actually became famous for its creative and often bold architectural solutions. Now that’s what I call going from zero to hero.

You may have heard that in 2020 the world’s first rotating skyscraper will be built in Dubai, but while we’re waiting with bated breaths for that miracle of modern engineering, there are some pretty amazing places you can visit right now. One of such spots is the newly erected 150-meter-high rectangular photo frame.

People gave this Instagram magnet a pet name – the Dubai Frame. Very original, I know. So, naturally, my first question was “Why?”, and aside from “for art!”, I came up with 2 more explanations.

First, since the world-famous Burj Khalifa fits in perfectly into the frame (from the right angle), ergo, this was the whole reason.

Second explanation, although a bit less plausible one: they were planning to build a gigantic house around Dubai, but only had enough money to do this one little frame.

Whatever the reason may be, this mixture of glass, steel, concrete and other stuff, is perfect for taking those sweet Instagram pics for your stories. Enjoy!